Before launch, if you heard that the Switch could play Witcher 3 and Doom Eternal, you might have imagined something a bit more powerful than what we actually got. Read more

That is once again a sign of good optimization. Gamers have completely conflated heavy loads with poor optimization and it makes them look incredibly fucking dense. Read more

That’s not true? If the game is hitting 90% on all eight cores of a modern CPU that means it’s probably well optimized. It it’s hitting 90% on 1-2 cores then probably not optimized. Most games don’t hit that many cores so it makes sense to put this out there because many gamers don’t often bench their CPU in a way Read more

I too will definitely be watching.
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For those who want a detailed, deep-dive into the scam and effort to keep the Pauls accountable, I highly suggest the reporting by Coffeezilla.

Fly safe, explorer. Navigate the uncharted and crash-infested territories of a new Bethesda release. Those waiting behind for patches salute your bravery.
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For a website that regularly spotlights cosplaying women it seems a little weird to basically demean them as “fluff”. I’m sure the hundreds of hours they spent on their costumes and makeup didn’t seem like “fluff” to them. Read more

Are you sure? If it’s true that he marked the audio free for commercial use then sent legal threats about using it, he’s a piece of shit too. Read more

Ubisoft strategy:

I’m aware that Tony Todd is in the Candyman movies, but I’ve never seen any of them. I know him best from Star Trek where he mostly plays Worf’s brother Kurn in TNG and DS9, but his best role is as the older Jake Sisko in DS9's The Visitor, which is a very different role but played masterfully. Read more

Any show can survive an actor change if the writing is good. Read more

if this requires using the Ubisoft launcher, this game is dead in the water. Read more

The author of the code owns the copyright to that code. As such, they are not violating Nintendo’s copyright by distributing it.
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I only have a little time this weekend, so I'm checking out the Ghost Trick demo.
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i dont think you understand how this works Read more

he’s charging $15 for code he’s written that modifies a game. he’s not selling you a game. he’s selling you his modified code. stfu Read more

Actually they go off the station on DS9 all the fucking time. After a few seasons of riding around in slightly bigger shuttle crafts they gave them their own ship to go out and do shit with.    Read more

Pawns are fine but co-op absolutely should have been included. Huge bummer for a game I'll still buy  Read more

You suuure that looks like Richard Ayoade? Kinda looks like Dean Learner to me.

How’s that going for you? I’m not really invested, it’s just a knee-jerk reaction
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