5/30/21 12:02PM

I really loved the 2Tone stuff because I thought it was supposed to be anti-racist. I basically became a leftist through listening to bands with those politics.

5/28/21 6:34PM

This describes very well some of my former bosses and one or two co-workers. They’re just always trying out various masks to see if they can hit upon the one you believe and fall for.

5/28/21 3:22PM

THIS. And by ‘childhood trauma’ the majority of them had horrific early lives that meant they were never going to develop empathy or the ability to have normal relationships in adulthood. That’s not an excuse, just an observation.

5/28/21 12:24PM

I take exception to your comment about hyenas. They are WAY more interesting than serial killers.
Read more

5/28/21 11:49AM

I wanted to like this twice.  Once for the content and once for your name.  Well done, Doctor!

5/28/21 10:02AM

What I can’t stand about the mythologizing of serial killers is the prevailing belief that they must be “special” to have been able to kill x number of people or a real genius to be able to get away with it. Read more

5/26/21 12:29PM

Exactly that. Death was the casting everyone was going to hate if they couldn’t time travel in a young Winona Rider or whichever secret movie girlfriend would play their secret comics girlfriend. Read more

5/26/21 12:28PM

A generation of older comic book fans expecting a Death that looks like a young Tori Amos, I can’t imagine what could go wrong! Fan culture can get so toxic, I’m hoping the Sandman fanbase doesn’t turn out to be just as terrible as others. Howell-Baptiste should definitely get into a social media bunker when the first

4/20/21 6:05AM

How the hell does this guy go to the toilet, or change out of his horrible leotard?

4/19/21 7:54PM

His outfit was a full-body leotard before he put it on.

4/19/21 5:21PM

Thing is, that was a full body suit when he started putting it on... Read more

4/19/21 5:01PM

I am always puzzled by how handless characters like these get through life when they are not killing people. Seems kind of pointless to blades instead of hands when you can just hold swords with your hands and have both for the times when you need to, like make dinner, or go to the bathroom.

4/19/21 4:27PM

Look man, the ‘70s were a different time.

4/19/21 12:44PM

Look at those boots…this guy is definitely dancing somewhere near a pole. I mean, he’s got the legs, so why not?