5/28/21 10:33AM

Seconded, particularly because if you actually listen and look at serial killers — even the super interesting splashy “charming” or I-used-to-dress-up-as-a-clown ones — their lives are a combination of childhood trauma and early-adult narcissistic delusions of grandeur that come up against a wall of staggering Read more

5/28/21 9:42AM

There’s a whole module for Postal Apocalypse which hasn’t been a thing since 2018.

5/28/21 9:40AM

 I would wholly support Joker 2 featuring a different actor, a different setting, and a completely different origin story (and so would the Joker). I know it won’t happen, but it’s something fun to think about while sipping coffee.

5/28/21 9:05AM

Yes, but she’s def talking about the trend of white British people doing ska, which is, yes, 100% a ‘70s thing. So yea, she’s fucking pinning the relevance and value of an older cultural/musical to the second white people decided it was a thing worth playing with instead of its 1950s/60s BIPOC origins. This is hyper Read more

5/26/21 1:19PM

I like Kirby and am happy for her! You’re also right that this casting was always going to be a place for fans to complain. Still, I just see her as too adult.

Look, to me, there was always a tension between the promise Death’s youth—she appears to be on the cusp of adulthood, something really hammered down in The Read more

5/21/21 7:11PM

It’s not even slightly close....

Star Wars Prequels
Mr. Glass
The Kingsmen
Spiral (Saw franchise)
Incredibles 1 & 2
Kong: Skull Island
Robocop remake
Astro Boy
Snakes on a Plane
Deep Blue Sea
Space Jam
Die Hard With a Vengeance
Jurassic Park
And like most of Tarantino’s films. 

5/19/21 12:25PM

Rogan’s comment assumes that the one and only way straight white men can express themselves is by being racist or bigoted — as if that is our shared inescapable baseline for thought and thus we shall all find ourselves cancelled at some point. Cishet white guys would only be locked indoors if they’re mechanically Read more

5/10/21 2:17PM

Note about Zeroville: It was released in 2019, but filmed in 2014 with almost no publicity campaign on release. It’s likely they haven’t worked together since 2017.

4/27/21 6:46PM

Dude — always a good look not to act surprised when you find out someone you thought wasn’t black actually is. Just roll with it. Be cool. Not trying to shit on you. Just giving you tips.

4/20/21 12:31PM

Man, it just hurts my ears to hear the writer of Rise of Skywalker criticize anyone about anything.

4/19/21 10:06AM

I know the guy with the glowing sword for a hand: It’s Razor-Fist, the Man With Razors for Fists! One version or another of this character has been bopping around and periodically getting killed and replaced with his brother (?) for decades. Look at him!

4/08/21 11:45PM

Not a knock on you, but in some ways, yes, some people have been waiting. Let’s remind ourselves how hardcore Hamifans truly are.

They’ll travel the world, spend unconscionable amounts of cash, wait on lines in the cold, spend days chatting online, and so, so much more in their devotion to a piece of pop culture that Read more

4/07/21 10:17AM

I genuinely like Mark Millar, even when he goes off the rails a bit (which happens). But, man, entertainment marketing folks are just grinding down the word “visionary” until it means fuck all.

4/06/21 12:10PM

Outside of their work telling us that the Apex folks were kinda evil and sketchy (things we already gathered from their fashion choices and dance-club aesthetic HQ), all Josh, Bernie, and Maddie did is slow down Mechagodzilla for 2o seconds by throwing booze on a computer terminal. You could 100% edit them and Read more