8:48 AM

Thanks for this - finally someone critically reviewing this shallow, manipulative and disappointing film! I’m shocked at how well received this has been, but I guess a lot of anime is well reviewed as long as it manipulates an emotional response - no matter how contrived.

9:38 PM

Riqunni is hard to figure out agreed! It was interesting on the wiki page for the movie how the writer-director Yamaga got quoted saying Riqunni is based on himself and he does not identify with Shiro. Also I would never guess it had the same character designer as the guy who did Evangelion, Sadamoto Yoshiyuki talks Read more

11:26 AM

It’s an amazing piece, given how inexperienced everyone was. As you said, it does suffer from what would unfortunately crop back up in other productions as some of GAINAXs bad habits. My nostalgia for it is so strong I probably can’t evaluate the thing objectively anymore. Read more

2:08 PM

Finally saw it, it’s a ride! I enjoyed it (though not quite love), but it does have the elements of Yuasa that I do love—that whimsy and adventure, and like you say in your review, geunine emotion. And the most extended version of the singing, that wouldn’t happen if you weren’t trusting your voice actors as much as Read more

2:34 PM

Thank you so much for saying this movie is different than Your Name. I actually watched this first and then went back and watched Your Name and I couldn’t figure out why everyone was complaining they were the same. And I actually think I preferred this one, honestly. But both are really good movies. Maybe slightly Read more

11:39 PM

I can only hope that after the end of the film that Hodaka and Hina move to the Sahara Desert and take the Massive Permanent Swirling Cloud Vortex Of Eternal Rain somewhere it is really needed.” Read more

11:58 AM

Saw the film earlier this week. Definitely an enjoyable time, but oof, that ending. It didn’t make me hate the film or anything, but man, it does kind of overshadow the rest of the film and I completely understand why a lot of people despise it. I do wonder why, given that there’s ample evidence throughout the film Read more

4:22 PM

She is an amalgamation of all the worst parts of Konosuba’s “useless goddess” Aqua and DanMachi’s horny-for-hero goddess Hestia.
Read more

2:45 PM

My mistake, I forgot when it ended... anyway, it’s one of the 2019 best animes out there...

also, I totally support your carole and tuesday choice, it’s really great!

10:18 AM

Didn’t Shield Hero end during Spring 2019?

10:17 AM

Unfortunately Ais’ side-storyline is tied into the main storyline for the entire series, so it’s best to watch it so you’re not blindsided by plot points later on.

8:26 AM

I would very much recommend you do not watch Sword Oratoria. It is a rehash of the first season ostensibly from Ais’ perspective, but it mainly just focuses on an otherwise background character (Lefiya) from the main series who sucks in every way imaginable.  We watched the entire series over the course of three days Read more

9:32 PM

Just watched Carole and Tuesday this past weekend and adored it. It’s my favorite anime to come along in what feels like ages. Absolutely charming main characters and relationships, good humor, and an impressive willingness to insist that plots can have antagonists that aren’t full villains for, like, no reason.

10:46 AM

“Creepy Pervert Commie Dude” - I think he is supposed to be Lavrentiy Beria or at least some alternative version of him. Historically confirmed to be a rapist and sexual predator. Read more