Yesterday 9:44PM

He had such range for 150+ credits over 40 years... and hard to believe Deliverance was his very first screen credit.

Yesterday 9:12PM

RIP, Ned. May you live peacefully forever in Otisburg.

Friday 10:53PM

I think his mouth was fucked up from nerve damage when he was born. Maybe it’s a pain in the ass to eat food he has to chew a lot?

Friday 4:35PM

It depends on which nerve was affected. The nerve that controls chewing, which is also involved in facial sensation, is different from the one that controls most of the facial expression muscles. The latter also has a small role in taste.

Friday 3:58PM

I’m wondering if Sly’s facial nerve damage affects his sense of taste as well as his speech.

Friday 2:18PM

It stood out to me too, but then I remembered he has nerve damage in his face from when he was born. So actually chewing might not be the most comfortable experience.

Friday 1:37PM

the only other dude i’ve known who talked like that (said almost the exact same thing, would rather eat a pill, doesn’t care about food at all) went on to become drake’s manager.

Friday 1:15PM

Helps though with the three seashells.

Friday 1:10PM

Stallone’s on that Celery Juice diet because, let’s face it, celery’s been around since...who knows. Read more

Friday 12:10PM

I’m sure Sly approved of future Taco Bell entress.

Thursday 10:44AM

I thought he was amazing in Boogie Nights. Then I saw him in The Corrupter and thought, “Ohhh. I get it. The character in Boogie Nights is the only character he can play.” Read more

Thursday 10:39AM

One of my little fiction pet peeves is that I actually think immortality sounds pretty awesome, provided you get the kind of immortality where you can live forever at a reasonable age and not some kind of deliberately dickish, literal genie “You’re immortal, but you never stop aging” nonsense. I’m sick of tired of Read more

Thursday 10:36AM

I think it depends. If the weight of experience of living so long would reset with each new life. that could work otherwise you’d get extremely tired of life sooner or later when increasingly everything lost its appeal. Highlander covered this quite well with a grim faced Connor Macleod in his seat among the rest of Read more

Thursday 10:06AM

Assassin’s Creed lore is about this; how we fail to truly learn from history because we fundamentally lack the experience of prior generations.