Today 12:14AM

Yeah, but they greenlit the Harley show largely because “Harley Quinn = $$$” these days. I dunno if they were necessarily expecting to have to one day address Batman’s position on muff-diving when they gave it the go-ahead.

Yesterday 9:13PM

Eh, at the end of the day, once you get past the “Batman doesn’t give head!” angle, this is just DC Comics being a bit overprotective about a character who is still, nominally at least, considered to be a children’s character, coupled with the age-old weirdness about sex vs violence that’s endemic in modern pop Read more

Yesterday 9:09PM

Batman uses a gun to murder people in those Zack Snyder movies, but god forbid he actually do something nice for Selina Kyle, a woman who has put up with a lot of bullshit over the course of their decades-long on-and-off-again relationship. Read more

Yesterday 4:02AM

I didn’t bother with playing the game, but I did sit through a compilation of the cut-scenes of the Avengers game on and off and, you know, I thought it was alright. Not great, but alright. Read more

Yesterday 2:40AM

“You can’t fool it. It’s the space age.”

Friday 10:45PM

This is the first time I’ve even thought about The Sims in about a decade. 

Friday 11:44AM

Stallone, apparently, never cared much, saying in 1992 that he’d be happy to have a meal in pill form because “I’m just not prone to chew a lot” and because “It doesn’t go with my personality.” Read more

Thursday 8:13AM

You know what, let’s settle this; peacocks don’t fly. 

Thursday 8:08AM

It’s a bit too convoluted to go into too much detail here, but it requires twelve guys, an industrial mining drill, and a leprechaun. 

Thursday 6:53AM

If it’s stupid to want to be able to clearly follow a conversation, then I’m proudly an absolute bonehead.

Thursday 6:07AM

Honestly, this form of immortality doesn’t seem that bad. Reincarnating, having access to your former memories while at the same time able to become different people, living different lives, having different perspectives, rather than just being locked in the same body and the same mindset for all eternity. Seems Read more

Thursday 4:42AM

It’s curious that this is the second Spaceballs gif to show up in these comments.

Thursday 2:44AM

You guys are getting snotty about Stranger Things now? 

6/09/21 3:27AM

I mean, yes, okay, the fact that George Lucas wanted Indy to have a relationship with a teenage girl is all kinds of creepy and wrong, but Jesus wept, Sam, could you maybe dial down the smug condescending bullshit for, like, five minutes or so. Those last two paragraphs make me want to punch a fucking wall. Read more

6/07/21 11:27AM

But... Rose Byrne in a leotard? That has to count for something surely?