'69 427/425
Mar 22 2017

There was a street in my town where a kid riding his dirtbike at 90 mph hit a tree in someone’s yard. Not on the edge of the yard, but up in the middle. For a couple years the guy who owned the house put up with people trampling his grass every weekend and leaving offerings which blew all over. Not to mention that Read more

Mar 22 2017

It can also be an eyesore. A few years ago some kids died near a import company’s parking lot (near a river bank—the kids drowned) not far from where I live. Their friends set up a memorial of candles, stuffed toys and the like and it didn’t take long for the rather large pile of items to get smashed flat by the

Mar 11 2017

I was once at a dance club where the gentlemen don’t dance. My colleague asked one of the young women if hers were real as they were defying gravity. Her response was classic: “would it matter if your d**k was between them?”

Feb 9 2017

Jeep all the way. Fairly slow, fairly safe and, most importantly, a mobile bedroom. Cherokees are much more practical than a Wrangler though.

Jan 27 2017

How do we know that the Lambo was even being driven, though. Maybe it was peacefully parked and just talked back to Brown once too often and he knocked it about until it “learned some fucking respect”.

Jan 24 2017

Soon they’ll be in Africa, driven by a guy in a 2017 Packers NFC Champs T-Shirt and Hat.

Nov 26 2016

Notre Dame players think that they can simply apoligize during the last minute of the game all their personal fouls will magically disappear.

Nov 23 2016

I really don’t want to know how many unplanned pregnancies happened in and around this vehicle.

Nov 15 2016

The older I get the more I’m convinced that “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” is the truest and most perfect philosophical statement ever uttered.

Nov 15 2016

Allegedly the fastest car in the world is car referred to as “My Buddy’s Mustang”. I hear about it at every car show but have yet to lay eyes on it.