Wes Mantooth
4/16/21 6:27PM

Idk, you have the beginning and end of Ford's D3 platform in that shot (Freestyle and Explorer). Also, you have the Mystique of a Bobcat attacking a Cougar wearing Capri pants, being rescued by a Maverick Villager.

4/16/21 4:34PM

A bobcat isn’t going to be hurt by any throw like that. They’re sturdy.

2/12/21 4:13PM

Yeah, I agree. I looked around the area on Craigslist but there isn’t much there that’s not a truck. I did find this 1966 Imperial, but I’m not sure it’s “more economical.” Certainly distinctive though!

10/02/20 7:05PM

Holy crap! That’s amazing!

Such a boring blog became...less boring!

10/02/20 9:06AM

I had illusions of trying out for my D-I baseball team and spent a summer on a semi-pro team with a bunch of guys who played for colleges you’ve never heard of. They were all better than I was, and I called it a career. After college I played softball with a guy who did play D-I and every single thing about his game Read more

10/01/20 10:10PM

One of my unholy obligations as a Jalopnik writer is to make readers aware of quirky garbage crap cars for sale at low asking prices ridiculously outrageous prices. Read more

10/01/20 7:02PM

One of my unholy obligations as a Jalopnik writer is to make readers aware of quirky cars for sale at low asking prices. Read more

10/01/20 1:30PM

I agree with the poll idea, as long as one of the options is “none of the above because Jalopnik writers are crazy.”

9/30/20 4:43PM

Every year I do a track day with several friends at a local karting track. I always try and encourage any of my “non-racer” friends to come too, and they just run in their own “amateur” heat. These rental karts are actually pretty decent (Yamaha KT100's for those familiar), being fast enough to really benefit those Read more

9/30/20 4:09PM

Reminds me of a conversation I had with a then recently retired (now Hall of Fame) baseball player, who was working as a roving instructor in his former team’s farm organization. I asked how many guys manage to scrap their ways to the majors, and he said “none. Every single one of those guys was The Man at each stop Read more