Wes Mantooth

I wish I could star this comment more than once.

My inlaws take Amtrak from Michigam to California to visit my wife and me. Read more

If you really want something legitimate to worry about look into the reality of the O2 system that the masks are attached to that will drop from the ceiling and ask yourself how long your going to last breathing a combination of toxic cabin air and oxygen since the O2 masks just provide a small source of air in a 10

As a softball player you’ll appreciate this. We usually play our games on fields with standard 300' fences, but once in a while we get moved to a diamond that’s 350' all the way around. Sometimes my guy hits a dinger that clears the 350' fence by 10-15+ feet. Ridiculous. And you’re exactly right about the ball just Read more

One of my unholy obligations as a Jalopnik writer is to make readers aware of quirky cars for sale at low asking prices. Read more

Welp, I own a Cayman and just now learned that I want need a sidecar.

Goddammit. Take my star. I’m not happy about it, but take it and show yourself out.

I can’t say that I’m in love, either. This is relevant to my interests, so it’s more like I’m mildly infatuated.

Solid suggestion. Nicely done.

This is the correct response.

Just wait until it flies into the wrong neighborhood and gets copter-jacked.

Very cool. I noticed the emblem and wondered about the backstory. Read more

Pretty close, yeah. I just now remembered that the top was cut off, as well, so imagine that as a convertible I suppose.