DL Thurston
Feb 26

oh 100% he was trolling us and I love it.

Feb 16

My ideal Star Wars project would be Dave Filoni and Rian Johnson teaming up and doing whatever the fuck they want. That is all.

Feb 16

I hope to see Rian Johnson’s trilogy because out of everything in the 3rd trilogy it set up the most interesting concepts out of all of them, and was the best film IMO fight me. the fact that regular people were becoming in-tuned with the force outside of the jedi and sith. I wanted to see them crisscrossing the Read more

Jan 7

Wouldn’t it require a majority of the cabinet, which was selected because of their loyalty to Trump.

Dec 20

I don’t think a lot of people realize that getting vaccinated doesn’t stop you from carrying and spreading the virus. So it will be vital for this to work that everyone get vaccinated because of how easy it is spread. You will need the coronavirus vaccine. So people who have it in their head they they are not going to Read more

Dec 18

Credit where credit is due: this could have been a slideshow, and it isn’t. Good choice!

Dec 18

I am terrified of blancmange. Especially the ones that play tennis.

Dec 17

So do adults, tbh. The idea that work should always come first and you have to be on death’s doorstep to call out is so gross. Even when people are sick, there’s a whole “culture of sickness” that pressures people to a) apologize for being sick, b) be sick for a short a time as possible and c) find a way to work Read more

Dec 15

I can only hope that these will be clips from the movies with narration by Michael Peña as Luis.

Nov 30

You know, it would be a hell of a thing if everyone that flouted COVID restrictions on social media were fined according to their income.

Nov 25

So Basically Rent-a-cops are trying to emulate the militarization of real cops, who stole it from the actual military, where challenge coins are rare and kind of a douche thing that only involves buying drinks anyways ( I have a CSM coin so I would usually dodge that bullet, but there’s always that guy who yells Read more

Nov 23

I took a cooking class to learn how to make French Macarons. They are easily the most difficult thing I have ever tried to create, requiring hand aeration of almond flour multiple times with a wooden dowel, and you had to set the eggs out so that they were old and at a certain temperature. The material the bowl was Read more

Nov 16

Kathleen Kennedy is responsible for The Mandalorian. If you want to blame her for the ones you don’t like, you must credit her for the ones you do.

Oct 30

The change calls to mind HBO’s own acquisition of a cherished family franchise with Sesame Street, which now premieres first on the present iteration of the service with HBO Max. Though episodes of the show still air on PBS, Read more

Oct 26

Interesting. So if there is water, that means there could potentially be life. What life is found in water? Whales. So logically, soon we should find: