Apr 17 2018

I don’t know. Occam’s razor says the whole thing’s more likely part of a liberal conspiracy to prevent Fox from revealing evidence of Hillary’s murder of Seth Rich because he was about to blow the whistle on the Pizzagate pedophiles’ involvement in Benghazi.

Dec 3 2017

“Is there a calculator for people who don’t live permanently in the year 1990 and do actual modern contract work as a sole-proprietor LLC?” Read more

Nov 14 2017

“We all know that Lovecraft was a racist and a xenophobe. What my book presupposes is... maybe he wasn’t.”

Nov 8 2017

“Wait a minute. Almost no one who has committed a lethal act of terror in America has come from any of those countries on the executive order, and even fewer are refugees. What is this travel ban REALLY about?” Read more

Oct 16 2017

If someone is turning a wheel forever, you don’t help anything by constantly telling them that they haven’t turned it far enough yet. Save that for when they stop.

Aug 1 2017

Well, to be honest, no one expects an offense to happen there...

Mar 8 2017

Good question. Are you ok with people being denied access to the emergency room if they don’t have health insurance? Because if you aren’t, that means you’ll end up paying for their health care one way or another. And a trip to the emergency room is way more expensive compared to health care premiums.

Altruism aside, Read more

Nov 6 2016

These are a bunch of scared old white men who horde guns to protect themselves from blacks, Muslims and Mexicans. There won’t be a violent uprising because that means they’d have to go outside where there could be blacks, Muslims and Mexicans.

Oct 10 2016

My friend who has never seen one wanted me to ask you if you mean that they aren’t that.

Sep 26 2016

Calling this team a “sleeper” was certainly one way of inviting Jameis Winston to fuck it.

Sep 16 2016

Nidoran nidoran nidoran nidoran nidoran

Jul 13 2016

So they aren’t nipples it is actually just a Mimicyu 3DS XL released a whole gen early.