Feb 21 2018

Poor Mrs. Goldfarb. I wonder if they gave her the best place at the meetings in the sun. At least she got on television.

Oct 24 2017

If you are looking at the picture in the story, I used to live in a house about a quarter mile up Mill on the left (across from Tim Hortons if you hit the maps again). I used to get stuck at slow/stalled trains a few times a week. There was a lot to like about Plymouth, but the never ending trains sucked hard.

May 2 2017

I agree with the vast majority of your post, but I just moved into a new house and had to cut out a whole mess’a bamboo and let me tell you, machete was the only answer. #notallmachetes

Mar 8 2017

I know you are just trolling, but I’ll respond anyway. Due to the fact that medical facilities are not allowed to turn away people who can’t afford it, you end up paying for that “fat slob” either way, but since the risks are not spread out and the costs are not subsidized, the costs are actually much higher and Read more

Nov 22 2016

One man’s opinion I know, but I’m much more likely to buy digital for my handhelds. Having physical copies on a shelf next to the machine that uses them is not inconvenient, but having to carry around a bunch of carts certainly is. Especially with Pokemon and the bank where you can swap information between games on a Read more

Aug 24 2016

Have an offensive, compensatory name like “Esteem”, “Rogue”, “Outback” or “Marauder” (I don’t have a low self-esteem, I’m not a crocodile Dandy or dream of plunging a trench-knife into somebody.) Highlander is pretty much there too. Read more

Jun 6 2016

Went on a cruise with my family out of New Orleans for Christmas one year. We drove my mom’s Kia Sorento and my brother’s Jeep to the pier and parked them next to one another. When we got back the Jeep was where we left it, but the Sorento was nowhere to be found. Filed a police report, got everyone home, etc. Got a Read more

Mar 29 2016

When I got my FRS I was looking around for a bike rack setup that would work on a small fastback style car. Ended up on a Mustang forum where someone asked about it and was called various homosexual slurs for pages and pages. Decided then that if I ever got a Mustang, I would not try to get connected with the Read more

Mar 21 2016
Save’d only need to be online to transfer licenses. Lend a game? Can’t get it back until you reconnect to the server. Need to trade? Connect to the server to transfer your license. Want to register a disk as digital? Connect to the server with the disk installed.

Mar 20 2016

Why would I have to always be online to sell back a game? I just need to be connected for the transaction and the revocation of the license.