May 4

Here’s my hopes for the Waititi Star Wars movie: The Phantom Menace, but actually good. A movie that embraces Star Wars’ pulp and comics roots — underwater and flying cities, warriors riding bizarre monsters, shiny spaceships, bizarre landscapes never seen on Earth, colorfully attired demigod-like heroes and villains — Read more

Jun 18 2019

I know the point is to depict how actually difficult is to create one, but... seriously nobody tried Electrode?

Aug 4 2018

Kinja user Mweyer got posting access to White Noise, then to Observation Deck, and then on one weekend in May of 2015 they were allowed to be the io9 weekend editor. They took that opportunity and, on a Sunday, chose to be an extremely unethical writer.

Things were already starting to break Observation Deck and io9 Read more

Jul 19 2018

The natural history museum in San Diego was asked to come up with a new more marketable name. The people they paid to come up with a new name came up with “the Nat”.

Jul 19 2018

The Tyrannosaurus rex individuals that this ankylosaur could have come into contact with would be time-traveling tyrannosaurids, which are the scariest kind.

Jul 19 2018

There’s some evidence that psittacosaurs, the basal group to the ceratopsians (horned dinosaurs), and long bristles, at least on the tail. So there’s at least one ornithischian quadruped.

Jul 19 2018

Always happy to see a new ankylosaurid, but a new dinosaur out of Grand Staircase-Escalante is even better. That place is a goldmine. Read more

Jun 5 2018

There hasn’t been a good Jurassic Park movie since the first one. Seriously, this isn’t a “TLJ sux” type of take. The movies after the original are just not entertaining. Ask yourself - do you really remember any pivotal scenes/moments from any of the sequels? Like something truly iconic, or even just really Read more

Mar 31 2018

I just wish they’d show us how he became this. What could possibly happen in a child’s life to warp him so?!? Read more

Mar 6 2012

It usually makes me nervous when scientists switch from peer-reviewed journals to books for consumption by the general public . . . or rather, makes me nervous when those scientists are advocating theories that are still strongly debated back in the peer-reviewed journals. Read more