Mar 26

But the deaths will come 15-18 days after Easter, and those idiots literally aren’t going to be able to make the connection, especially not when the only people who are able to make the connection are all godless scientists or liberal eggheads.

Aug 1 2019

I’ve got it. Plants drink water, and water bound up in plants isn’t contributing to sea level rise, right? So we just need to increase the number of plants on earth by like...50 times, and we can probably hold off a foot of sea level rise! Read more

May 30 2019

Too bad Republicans banned the CDC from researching gun violence and the factors that contribute to it, and retroactively penalized them millions of dollars for having done such research in the past. “We need to figure it out (but you literally are also not allowed to figure it out.)“

Nov 30 2018

I’ve been reading Pinocchio to my daughter the last few days, and...Geppetto is not a kindly dude (at least not yet). He’s angry and abusive, in his first appearance he beats up another guy twice, and by chapter three the townspeople are so sure he’s going to excessively beat Pinocchio back home that they put him in Read more

Jun 4 2018

Sometimes the simple explanations are wrong though. Usually, in fact, when it comes to language and symbols. There are dozens of urban-legend origin stories for English words, and plenty more for symbols, all of them complete and utter nonsense (“golf” does not come from the phrase “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden”, Read more

Feb 21 2018

I thought ten 80° turns were supposed to be impressive in these sports...

Dec 23 2017

It used to be there. It was click to permanently block any garbage domain that cluttered up your search results. Read more

Dec 12 2017

Deliberately harmful obfuscation of truth or indisputably false statement said with malicious (or fear-motivated) intent: black lie Read more

Nov 22 2017

Thank you. His was a character that absolutely did not need to be in Monsters University.

Nov 7 2017

I didn’t go out of my way to avoid Ragnarok trailers or marketing, but I somehow completely missed this trailer, and only pieced together that it was going to be the Hulk after the word “incredible...” in the movie. Which was awesome, but my wife and friends around me were all “oh come on we knew from the trailers Read more

Oct 25 2017

“To whoever ends up buying this at auction, sorry I couldn’t have come up with anything more profound than this.”

Oct 9 2017

It’s virtue signaling. “I am more moral than those who kneel.”

Sep 25 2017

No. You’re just goalpost shifting. “Consistently refuses to back up their vague ‘feeling’” is nowhere near the same footing as “I haven’t heard a rational argument yet.”

Sep 22 2017

“...the moralizing side you belong to consistently refuses to back up their vague “feeling” that it’s wrong.” Read more