Eli Manning stars in: Omaha! Omaha! Omaha!

No lie I heard Michael Keaton was considered for the role.

(Formerly) living proof that that’s not necessarily a good thing.

But, and this is the important part, they think they do.

I always see it as “Right Wing New Jersey”, which, yeah, I’ve been to Seaside Heights.

I know its not quite the same thing but I’m the same age as Naya Rivera and a dozen people from my high school graduating class of about 300 have died. There was one early this year, but many were within the first five years post-graduation.

I’m 33 and close to a dozen people I went to high school with have died. The most recent just in the past few weeks, but many of them were within the first five years or so after graduation. Read more

Fancy Dogs Forever. Deadspin Forever.

The spirit of Deadspin lives on in all of us. +1

[George Harrison voice]: It’s been done

One time something similar happened in a HS game I was playing in. The other team was punting to us. The punt was a shank that landed in a no man’s land about 10 yards from the LOS. One of our lineman got to the ball first, and confidently put his arms out like “everybody back off, let it roll”. He then “downed” the Read more

We have this weird thing (it’s most pronounced in America, but true the world over) in which supporting the status quo isn’t really viewed as taking any sort of political position whatsoever. Read more

I read “autoplay videos” as “autopsy videos” and that would probably be a more pleasant online experience.

I see where you’re coming from, but they’ve been such beneficiaries of their relatively weak “independent” scheduling over the last decade. It’s allowed them to sneak into the BCS/CFP a few times, but then they instantly get exposed against real contenders once they’re there.

With a guy like AB, you have to enter the relationship with an “in it for a good time, not a long time” mentality. Pay the man handsomely but on a short term deal, tolerate his “eccentricities”, and cut bait the moment he’s no longer worth it.

Has any college football fanbase been able to successfully lower their expectations in a reasonable and mature way in the face of overall structural program decline? How hard is it to just admit you’re not that powerhouse anymore, and adjust your expectations accordingly? It doesn’t mean you can’t have successful Read more

The reason he has so much energy for this is because he ONLY uses his energy on issues related to his own image. Read more

I thought Mayweather-McGregor was the ultimate example of decadent, late-capitalist bread and circuses the masses would slurp up before everything collapsed. I was wrong; that fight wasn’t absurd enough.

Do names count for being spelled out loud? I’m pretty sure I’ve spelled my name out over 100 times in my life, first as a child in kindergarten and then again as an adult mostly while on the phone with my health insurance company.