Jul 7

NPC’s don’t need money, the GM simply stops rendering them when no one is looking.

Jul 3

It doesn’t really as it just is an option here.  If someone doesn’t to they have the option.  That’s all this is and of course in the future we can buy 500 dollar recording setups with dump buttons and everything is recorded on a time delay and we fly guests out to our california recording studio and those guests are Read more

Jun 29

Depends on the data. Lets say you have a table with the dates of COVID cases. Instead of counting them one by one, a pivot table can display (semi)automatically how many were in a specific month, or a given day. Read more

Jun 20

Lol the weeks go by so fast, I think having DnD scheduled is the only thing in my life that I actually have planned to mark the passing of weeks. so I always find myself thinking, “Damn, it’s Tuesday already?”  So yeah, guess we’re both in the same boat. Living from one DnD sesh to the next.

Jun 16

I haven’t played it in  while so it’s probably completely different.. maybe we can have a game some time? I’m trash but you don’t learn anything by playing bots on ez mode

May 29

It was always this way, just took assholes running things to bring it to the surface and make it more abundantly clear as more of their ilk became emboldened. Read more

May 20

XD That’s the worse. Get all the way to the end and then the boss kicks your butt. I played that one with a friend so I’m sure they did everything. hahaha

May 19

Thanks DS. And it will, I should be able to buy an apartment. Just have to find one. 

May 17

Too powerful to let the party keep it as an ally, but too powerful to use it against them.

May 15

Eerily enough, the game I’m in right now also has a Warforged Monk by the name of Ferrous

May 13

Ah yes, Final Fantasy VII... -.O We’ll discuss one day, DS. One day... XD XD kidding, kidding. Yeah, I dunno. Maybe it was odd localization as we know now but I really didn’t care about her that much. I’m glad they’ve done more with her for the better. Still a bit annoying in the first meeting but as time has gone on, Read more

May 8

Haha, yeeeaaaaahhhh. Not with how much of the ugliness of those in power is so strong and on display. we got a ways to go. Sometimes seems hopeless.