The Telluride is awesome. It is a handsomely solid design without any weird aggressively crease-y gimmicks seen on almost every other design these days. Kia has shown it can be done - why is it so hard for all other automakers? Read more


I would love to see her play Furiosa again & she would be my #1 choice to star in a spinoff film. Also it sucks for her that she doesn’t get to do it! Though hopefully and presumably she is still getting offered other good roles. Read more

Jul 6

I can think of nothing more shitty or pathetic than going out while tweeting about a stupid eight year old conspiracy theory. That’s got to be the social media equivalent of getting crushed by a vending machine while trying to shake a bag of chips loose.

Jul 6

I’ve been reading Jalopnik for about 10 years now and the last 2 years especially have been pretty bad. I think there are plenty of other automotive sites with much better content and more detail about what enthusiasts actually care about. What they don’t have, unfortunately, is an engaged comment section. If it Read more

Jul 6

Although I am surely not the first to comment about this... There is a place on Kinja for political spin and bias, and it isn’t Jalopnik. I had a conversation over the weekend with 4 friends who are all car guys, and we all agreed that the content on Jalopnik is straying further and further from what we want to read. Read more

Jul 5

In related news, I would like to announce here that I —Fauxcused —am running for President. Like Kanye I do not have a campaign or ballot access but I can announce things, too. Read more

Jul 3

The Spank the Monkey board game is still one of my favorite cartoon gags ever

Jul 3

I remember renting this back in the day. I liked it well enough. Nothing amazing, but better than the majority of licensed games. 

Jul 2

Jordan Schlansky will be there. He isn’t necessary for production and no one asked him to come, but he will be there.

Jul 2

How is “CumDumpster” offensive? My neighbors came to America to escape the CIA-backed violence in CumDumpster. Fuck you, Parler.

Jul 2

Bill accidentally burns down half of Arlen While playing with a Molotov cocktail in an attempt to impress a woman protesting the Arlen PD.