Today 10:54AM

For all the bullshit reasons cops pull people over, I wish they’d stop more folks with dangerous loads like this. I’ve seen old pickup trucks around here loaded with, and I’m not joking, about 20 full-size wooden pallets. Rear end of the trucks nearly dragging the ground with the damn things stacked 10 high and two Read more

Today 10:49AM

Just want to take a moment to appreciate Bill Hader’s Ed Burns impression. Incredible.

Today 10:34AM

They obviously didn’t yank on the straps and say “yeah that ain’t going anywhere” before they drove off. #1 rule of securing a load.

Today 7:09AM

“Whoever dies first,” Andy Richter says off-screen, “you have to do that at the other one’s funeral.” Read more

Today 6:27AM

Ruddrolling should be term as well. It feels deserved by this point.

Today 5:18AM

Let us not forget the one time it was gloriously done by proxy

Today 1:23AM

Every. Time. I love the setup of this with Hader talking about the SNL skit, and yes the second Rudd walks on stage you know EXACTLY where it’s going. Yet they still manage to slow roll it for a few minutes before paying it off.

The best thing...he does it twice.

Yesterday 2:59PM

“I don’t need you anymore. I dont need anyone. All I do is eat ass and 69 nintendos bro. Everyday.” Read more

Yesterday 2:42PM

Different audiences will get different readings from the same work, and none of them is inherently privileged or correct. Even authorial intent is next to meaningless, especially for works like Luca or Sam n’ Bucky that had literally dozens of different people (with different backgrounds and inputs) working to Read more

Yesterday 2:09PM

I know absolutely nothing about Luca, so I can’t speak to that. But for Falcon and Winter Soldier, I don’t see what coding is happening. Is it the scene where they fall out of a plane, hit the ground, and then start rolling around? Personally I read that as a comedic scene where they were acting like stubborn Read more

Yesterday 1:01PM

I could nitpick this episode but this show still gives me more joy per minute than anything out there right now. Like it’s not even a close contest.

Yesterday 12:47PM

Still can’t load the comment to reply to it though. They need to add a reply function to that page as well if they’re not going to bother fixing Kinja seeing how it’s been several weeks now

Yesterday 12:43PM

There’s a way around it, but it’s kinda complicated. From your notifications page, click their name to open their profile, then go to their discussions, and you’ll see the comment. Clicking the little bookmark logo will star it and ungrey it

Yesterday 12:13PM

Yep. Also can’t see greyed replies AT ALL. Even when you click on “Show Pending” they still don’t show up. Can’t reply to (or star) a bunch of greys that have replied to me

Yesterday 10:49AM

Anyone else having issues with it showing replies to your comments? Like I see them in the notifications but it doesn’t direct me to the replies when I click on it. 

Yesterday 10:38AM

Right to Repair is probably the most important issue facing consumers today, yet many have absolutely no idea of what it entails. Read more