Yesterday 2:31PM

Been broken for a month. You won’t see this since I’m greyed.

Sunday 1:24AM

Use headphones and tune into MRN or load up race coverage from an app on your phone.

Thursday 2:25PM

For Conan fans, as he’s mentioned during these final shows, definitely checkout the Team Coco youtube page for stuff that was cut out to fit the 30 minute TBS window. Each interview he’s done so far has been about 20 minutes but only 8 to 10 minutes make it to air.

Wednesday 1:43PM

I dunno. It’s hard to say and I can go both ways with it. Is it really all that much different than other shows where unknowns become uber famous? Seems like there’s always at least one or two that end up in a bad place. I haven’t gone thru the entire cast so I could be totally wrong here (and welcome a correction), Read more

Wednesday 1:30PM

It’s awesome that Conan brought (some of) The Basic Cable Band back for these final shows. I’ve missed them since he switched to a 30 minute format.

Wednesday 1:28PM

So excited for season 2 of Dave. The first season was excellent. I expected it to be funny, but I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much depth the show actually has. I know AVC is going thru all kinds of changes but this is definitely a show worthy of weekly coverage.

6/15/21 1:45PM

I think saying the lab leak (non intentional) is wacko is going too far. Intentional leak, yes, there’s essentially no evidence beyond wild speculation there so you could say its wacko. But they aren’t ruling out an accident the way you’re framing it. There’s enough there to investigate. It’s not a case of some tiny Read more

6/14/21 2:56PM

Wasabi was crowned a KKK Prince as a puppy. Here’s my thinkpiece column based on 5 seconds of Twitter feed research.

6/14/21 12:23AM

I think they need a few more cars. In the main race when they got longer green flag runs, everyone basically got strung out. Not exactly fun racing when even a short track turns into a parade. Maybe some more cars would allow for some more passing, even if they’re being lapped. Read more

6/13/21 12:15AM

However, the thing I’m most curious about is that what is the next setting for the AC game. Read more

6/12/21 6:27PM

For the most, yeah, its a lot of that going on. The only thing I’d clarify more is the distinction between “conservative reaction to CRT” and conservative news outlets. Conservative reaction as it pertains to the general public mirrors a lot of the reaction to past outcries. The distinction that should be pointed out Read more

6/12/21 3:36PM

I haven’t watched the Ruffin video, but if this summary is like that, its close to (maybe already has) falling into the trap that Fox News and conservative operatives want to lay out. Read more

6/11/21 9:50PM

When you sign the petition, someone randomly yells “ANOTHER ONE!”

6/11/21 12:35AM

Huh. Given the age demographic of its audience, I figured they would have appreciated larger numbers.

6/11/21 12:28AM

You ever seen his short-lived MTV show, Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous? It was a pretty good show but a terrible network fit. It deserved way better than what it got from MTV.

6/11/21 12:26AM

This special was pretty good, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it to a first time viewer of his work. Look up some of his other specials first.

6/11/21 12:23AM

I don’t really care if they make Velma East Asian or not, but with all the other changes, it seems like it would actually be less work to just come up with a new show than to claim this is Scooby Doo related. Just seems like a lot of work and money spent for something that sounds...kinda lame.

6/09/21 10:16PM

Of the Disney MCU shows so far, this one was the best pilot imo. Even if its basically just a 50 minute exposition dump, it didn’t really feel like it and was enjoyable throughout. I also really loved that Ms Minutes cartoon infomerical.
Read more

6/09/21 6:16PM

Trans Mountain sounds like a ride at DisneyWorld that would give Fox News nightmares.