3:00 PM

This whole situation pissed me off. She even told him that she didn’t want to be touched and he continued and then basically apologized because she must have been overreacting because he wasn’t trying to make her feel uncomfortable.
Oh, and don’t forget, the men know women so they could never do anything to make them Read more

2:58 PM

There’s a lot missing in this telling. The two women also used their alleged discomfort to enlist one of the older tribal mates, who had taken on a “mother” role on the tribe, to make the difficult decision to help rally votes for the eviction of the man in question (whom she herself thought of as a friend and ally.) Read more

2:49 PM

Besides all the mouth breathers who will point to these two women as examples of #MeToo liars for years to come? Not many after a week or so.

9:04 AM

I love Return to Me but haven’t watched it in a while because I’ve soured a bit on David Duchovny. It’s a really sweet and actually funny and I want Bonnie Hunt to make more movies.

7:24 PM

I have a remarkably low threshold for bad movies when the theme is Christmas so I’m not at all sorry to say that I loved this movie, I even loved Emma Thompson’s cringeworthy Yugo accent because she is Emma freaking Thompson who will never not make me cry when I watch Love Actually for the umpteenth time. All the Georg Read more

12:50 PM

Return to Me holds up. It is my main go-to movie when I’m feeling shitty about life and need a good, cathartic, chest-heaving cry. Minnie Driver’s “American” accent is terrible, but the widowers’ instant adoption of Bob is one of my favorite cinematic moments of all time. Also, Bonnie Hunt’s character putting her Read more

12:06 PM

I liked this move better when Bonnie Hunt made it and it was Return to Me, but that might be just because I saw that one back when I was young enough to have a thing for the actresses who starred in rom-coms.

11:32 AM

Tom died in a car accident and wouldn’t you know, Kate received a heart transplant. The heart was Tom’s. Last Christmas, he gave her his heart. Read more

11:47 AM

The funny/sad thing is that Don Jr has gotten into all this outdoor crap to look like a “REAL MAN” to his dad and Trump couldn't give a flying fuck about any of it. His idea of a vacation is the biggest suite in the most expensive hotel with the blondest prostitute in town.

12:21 AM

No one is actually stopping anyone from saying it for chrissakes. There is a whole world between shaming someone on twitter to be more decent and actual fascism.

5:45 PM

I think it’s also linked to the long history of whites fetishizing & appropriating black culture and feeling wounded when they’re told that’s not ok (and really never was). There’s a perverse desire to feel like you are “in” with the group you are emulating, even to the point of being able to use the same lingo in the Read more

5:08 PM

I think it’s unquestionably a nasty mix of “I am a white person and as such entitled to say whatever I want to and about black people” and “I’m (not-so) secretly racist and I say it in my head all the time and am really mad that I can’t rules lawyer a way to say it out loud”. Because yeah, you just know that if it was Read more

4:57 PM

Yeah I was singing along to Love Galore in my house a while back and my daughter noticed that I wouldn’t say the n word. She was like “wait, you don’t even say that when you’re singing?” and I said “Uh, noooooo!” and I had to explain that you just don’t do it, there’s never a time or situation that makes it okay and Read more

11:22 PM

Yea, I smell a change in the air. This is pure speculation, but I also am getting a sense that “electability” voters are starting to realize that Biden is the real “Clinton 2.0" with a lot of the same vulnerabilities. And “electability” is the #1 consideration for something like 90% of black voters  over 40.

5:02 PM

This will change. Clinton was Queen of South Carolina, too, in 2008. When they move, they move big, and they will move soon enough.
Read more