Apr 24

Eh, its a big galaxy. Let them pull themselves up by their own jetpacks. SMH, Next you’ll want some kind of socialist star sharing program or something.

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Apr 19

I think its like how white people love dangerous shit like base-jumping or hang-gliding; their lives are so boring, they seek out the thrill of being racist for fun.

Apr 13

Holding offshore drilling (again the most in demand area of growth in fracking) at bay is miles ahead of blank check off shore drilling Trump allows now. Bernie Sanders was never going to end all fracking in 4 years. Stopping the issuing of new licenses was always going to be starting point, then stopping fracking on Read more

Mar 13

So am I the only one paranoid enough to think this is his trial run to trying to cancel the elections in November? Especially since all he cares about is being re-elected so his fat ass doesn’t go to jail. Oh every single ad should feature this fat fuck referring to this virus as a “hoax.”

Feb 27

and he probably wants the apocalypse to come sooner rather than later because Jesus. so yeah, we’re fucked

Feb 26

All I did was make a list of the key points from the man’s plan. I think you’re angry at the wrong person. 

Feb 13

All this groundwork for the post-Trump “Great Republican Redemption” is fucking nauseating. These cowards are doing everything in their power to have it both ways, in case Trump loses in November. They’ll point to their cowardly statements and book deals and say: “See, I was never on his side!” even though they were Read more

Feb 12

^This.  It’s imperative that Trump does not win a second term, even if it means voting for a democratic candidate who makes you want to puke.  Because while Bloomberg is a similar brand of evil, he is by far the lesser of two evils

Feb 12

I just read all the comments posted as of 12:23 PM (except the greys because: sanity) and People, if I can add to the discussion: I have never been undecided so late in the game as I am this go around. Read more

Feb 12

I understand that Trump is the reason why some people are considering Michael Bloomberg. And if Bloomberg is the Democratic nominee, he definitely deserves a vote more than Trump. Read more

Feb 12

I’ve seen the same “woke” black folks that pushed “Kamala is a cop” on Twitter and the talk shows try and get behind this shit. If you are one of those feel free to fuck off and die. No. Hell fucking no. Forget all the other shit that is troublesome about his ass, the fact that he is trying to buy the nomination Read more

Jan 22

No one - and I mean no one - in a position of influence should be saying anything but “get Republicans out” and do anything in their power to make it so. Even if the nominee is Joe Fucking Biden. Or Tulsi Fucking Gabbard. I am very firmly in the Warren camp with my second choice as Bernie, but anyone with a sphere of Read more

Jan 22

None of us like to be reminded of that election. Which underscores how profoundly self-centered and short-sighted it was for Sanders to run again in the first place. Sanders’s refusal to exit stage left and allow a new generation (which for him, means Baby Boomers) unencumbered by the bitterness of 2016 to take up the Read more

Jan 22

Lucky for her, I guess, she won’t have to. She’s going to have to support Joe Biden. Because we live in a world where two really famous nearly 80-year-old men that very few people actively want to vote for and that a lot of people really don’t want to vote for decided they needed one last bite at the apple. Read more

Jan 19

just an fyi, Kim was Paris’ assistant before she became famous (this is info I wish I did not know, but I do)