10:38 AM

I honestly think this is his MO.  It seems so batshit that nobody would possibly think that way, but then I remember who Pence is.

2:32 PM

Not that it matters but JFC; if your mother can’t vote for a liar...is she just gonna sit out? This is a general complaint but this purity bullshit drives me bonkers. It’s like on the right you have a narcissistic compulsive liar who is doing substantial harm to democracy and then someone who lied regarding their Read more

12:59 PM

I think all of the candidates, plus most rational voting people can agree on a few simple things; Trump is bad, the GOP are now the party of Trump which is bad, we need healthcare reform, livable wages, criminal justice reform, environmental policies, and a stable person in the White House. Now some candidates are Read more

4:46 PM

This letter reminds me of the time I decided to be upfront and break-up with a guy face to face. My thought on the matter was that I’d appreciate if someone did it in person and not via ghosting. Because as an adult I am capable of handling things like a mature adult and why wouldn’t this person be the same way? Oh Read more

5:09 PM

Just for context; Richard Nixon was re-elected with an overwhelming majority before he resigned.

1:59 PM

This is standard white dude, republican costume 101.  I swear that every lazy, boring, white, republican man thinks this is cool “tough guy” costume.  

3:28 PM

but as far as “why do you want to say that word?” in this context at least, because people hate censored versions of songs, and the only thing worse than hearing the censored version of a song, is singing the censored version of a song.” Read more

6:15 PM

I agree it isn’t OK to say the word but then why is it OK for it to be so prevalent in lyrics?” Read more

4:46 PM

About a year ago I was discussing this type of incident with my 23 year old receptionist and another co-worker. It came about because I think it was Travis Scott had a fan singing who used the N word at a concert (there was also an incident of some sorority girls singing along to Kanye using the N word). I had said Read more

12:05 PM

Casino’s in the 90's.  Like how terrible are you if you lost money in a casino in the 90's?

9:57 AM

You can joke about whatever the hell you want. If you want to make fun of people for their race, their sexual orientation, disability or trauma, then by all means do it. However when the public at large thinks your jokes are not funny that falls directly on you as a shitty comic. Read more

3:23 PM

Raises hand as one of the few people who actually enjoyed this book. I completely became engulfed in the world of Theo. I loved the relationship with Hobie and all of details of the shop as well as Theo’s Las Vegas adventures. Which is odd because this should have been a book I would hate; its long and it meanders for Read more

4:11 PM

I don’t think it makes you a bad feminist. My personal brand of feminism means that you are afforded the choice to make your own decisions on who you want to be. If you want to be a stay at home mom, cool. If you want to be a working women with no kids, cool. Whatever, you do you. However if you choose to be a trash Read more

2:55 PM

I say you should pen that script and sell it.  There IS a market for it.

5:57 PM

YES!! That is exactly how I described the Beyond Burger I had. The ham (or Spam) texture flavor threw me off.

5:47 PM

I can honestly say that I have had a personal boycott of Burger King for roughly two decades. I hate the taste of the Whopper. So when I heard the Impossible Burger was a Burger King collab I was not thrilled. Telling me it tastes just like a Whopper is not a selling point for me. Read more

1:54 PM

I have an idea. How about all the prayer warriors get together and stand Hands Across America style, directly in the path of the hurricane and take their chances. Read more