Oct 31

I’ll always be OK with that decision, but that could be because I grew up playing old Black Isle RPGs where that was standard.

Oct 2

This happened to me a few times, then she reminded me of our wedding anniversary.

Sep 20

I would bet all the money that AB’s thought process is “I’m gonna add my lawyer to this cnversation - now it’s attorney-client privledge. Read more

Sep 11

why is it that when i read the essay i was just like, “a pencil store? okay, moving on ...” but when i read this comment i couldn’t stop laughing?

Sep 11

I like how even the nature of the goods being sold is superficial.  What kind of wackiness are you doing with pencils that would necessitate separating it from a department store or even a stationery store?

Aug 28

Football is the perfect sport for America because it’s manufactured tribalism that allows us to blather a lot of meaningless nonsense about fake combat none of the fans have any actual involvement with, while scrupulously hiding all the real-world consequences and in the process making a handful of billionaire Read more

Aug 26

You have 3 buildings that meet the measurements required to be labeled a skyscraper.  I researched this to make sure of the accuracy, because last time I drove through I thought I saw 4 tall buildings, but only 3 are big boys.  

Aug 16

This honestly doesn’t surprise me that much. This sort of thing happens all the time in the software world. Read more

Aug 13

There aren’t a lot of “M” bones in the leg. Metatarsals are small bones in the foot. The two bumps you can feel sticking out on either side of your ankle are the medial and lateral malleolus, and part of the tibia. Read more

Aug 1

Design meeting:

What should the failure mode be for the wave generator?”
“Nothing, it should just die quietly and stop functioning.”
“We could do that. Or.. and hear me out on this one...”

Jul 19

Model S did this first. Not that it really needs to lift the nose that often though.

Jul 7 2019

I pretended to be a Spanish Hapsburg, but that was apparently too deep a cut.