Kara, who lived on earth from a still pretty young age and mostly hid her powers is different somehow than Clark who lived on earth and explored his powers more as a child? I don’t understand why he would be subject to mind control and she wouldn’t be. Read more

For their part, the Union County School district maintains that the subject of the photograph is not the problem, rather their objection is to Arthur’s improper supervision of her private property. Read more

Being a sore loser and not conceding when he loses, shit talking the organizations when he doesn’t get their endorsements, stealing campaign data, whining about the establishment when he almost exclusively gets positive press and now constantly changing the conditions after agreeing to them - it’s Bernie’s world Read more

That’s my take on it, too. Sanders’ insistence on hardline integrity isn’t well suited to a role like President, where you have to do so much glad-handing and wheelie-dealing and compromising... I mean, can YOU see him doing alla that? Bernout. We need people like him to keep fighting in the trenches of the Senate, Read more

I don’t mind Bernie. He sounds like my Queens-born father and looks like a Philosophy professor I had in undergrad. His problem is his ideas and proposals, while great, have zero chance of working with the Congress. Congress, which is a bag of dicks, would eat him for lunch. Clinton knows how to work the system in her Read more

I’m imagining dozens of minifigs all yelling “No- OUR candidate is more awesome than yours!”
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I like everything Sanders says, but I have no faith in his ability to achieve these goals. Yes, in an ideal world I would support him over Clinton. Read more

I was wondering that as well. Read more

Great answer! I didn’t even think of that, but it’s true, that was a really diverse show.
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If you’d really like, we could probably do a side-by-side comparison between the State Department and the gentleman from Vermont’s staff during his time there...somehow I don't think that'll look as good as you'd hoped Read more

Huh?! How wrong you are! Look at Lupita, just for a start. She was incredible in ‘12 Years a Slave,’ but do you really think she’d have been cast in a major Hollywood tentpole film without having won an Oscar? YES, winning an Oscar gives you more access and often more money (and better agents, in fact. Hylda Queally Read more

Robin Williams, in his interview with Marc Maron, said that people made a big deal about his Oscar win for about a week and then it was back to “And what did your last five movies gross?” or something to that effect. I’m sure he was exaggerating slightly for humorous effect but I doubt JK Simmons’ price skyrocketed to Read more

For those interested in knowing why this is happening I present to you the following information and you can take from it what you will. Read more

She looks more and more Michelle Pfeiffer ever year, its uncanny.

I was really hoping that Turkish Air trailer would just be 1:30 of Diana finding her seat, stowing her luggage, ignoring her rowmates, scanning the evacuation card with waning interest as they do checks and crosschecks
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Thanks for that. So-called “video lists” are such a waste of time. I can always read the article faster. Read more

I watched it so you don’t have to. The films are: Read more


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Charlie Brooker, of Black Mirror fame, and David Mitchell wonderfully taking the piss out of Bibleman (with bonus Kirk Cameron bashing).

And it bears repeating - the guy who was shot publicly apologized to Cheney for being shot. Read more