Jun 22 2016

I’d like to thank everyone who has participated in these thread for the last few months. Person of Interest is a show that has been very close to my heart, and I’m glad I’ve had a chance to share it with so many great people.

Apr 12 2016

Kara, who lived on earth from a still pretty young age and mostly hid her powers is different somehow than Clark who lived on earth and explored his powers more as a child? I don’t understand why he would be subject to mind control and she wouldn’t be.

Mar 3 2016

For their part, the Union County School district maintains that the subject of the photograph is not the problem, rather their objection is to Arthur’s improper supervision of her private property. Read more

Mar 1 2016

I’m curious as to how enforceable that whole “editorial freedom and not a business decision” thing actually is. Many editorial decisions are unavoidably business decisions as well - what is worth covering, what subsites to open/close, etc.

Feb 2 2016

Being a sore loser and not conceding when he loses, shit talking the organizations when he doesn’t get their endorsements, stealing campaign data, whining about the establishment when he almost exclusively gets positive press and now constantly changing the conditions after agreeing to them - it’s Bernie’s world Read more

Jan 30 2016

That’s my take on it, too. Sanders’ insistence on hardline integrity isn’t well suited to a role like President, where you have to do so much glad-handing and wheelie-dealing and compromising... I mean, can YOU see him doing alla that? Bernout. We need people like him to keep fighting in the trenches of the Senate, Read more

Jan 30 2016

I don’t mind Bernie. He sounds like my Queens-born father and looks like a Philosophy professor I had in undergrad. His problem is his ideas and proposals, while great, have zero chance of working with the Congress. Congress, which is a bag of dicks, would eat him for lunch. Clinton knows how to work the system in her Read more

Jan 30 2016

I’m imagining dozens of minifigs all yelling “No- OUR candidate is more awesome than yours!”

Jan 30 2016

I like everything Sanders says, but I have no faith in his ability to achieve these goals. Yes, in an ideal world I would support him over Clinton. Read more