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Cue that movie song from a couple of years ago.

It’s from the 80s, but Fame was a great show about teens with a diverse cast. It used to stream for free on Hulu. I remember re-watching the first few episodes to decide whether it was age-appropriate for my daughter a couple of years ago, but I’m not seeing it on Netflix or Hulu now. Two seasons do stream from Read more

While not space tourism, if anyone is going to drive across that part of New Mexico, depending on which way they go, I strongly suggest taking a few minutes to read the placards along the road in Lincoln to get a good visual for the Lincoln County War and maybe stop for lunch or a rest room break at the Smokey Bear Read more

That’s what you get for winning. Everything else is a result of that win, not the actual prize and I said so much in the sentence that came next. Read more

It hasn’t seemed like it’s going anywhere because we agree. The only point of disagreement that I can see is that in my initial comment, my “by itself it doesn’t mean a lot” could be read as me saying it has little value. Perhaps it was poorly phrased, but I just meant that other things are also taken into account. Read more

Again, I’m not getting the argument. There’s no money in the Oscar envelope. If you win or are nominated, the union does not dictate that you must be paid more and you must be given any role you’d like. An actor (or director or cinematographer) can put on their resume that they have won or were nominated for an award, Read more

I don’t really think we’re disagreeing that much. We’re both saying that someone who has won or has been nominated for an Oscar can usually raise their price because they’d be in greater demand, but there’s no cash in the envelope and they’re not guaranteed someone would meet their ask. Read more

A person can parlay their win into a payout, but it isn’t something they hand you with the award. If say, you win your Oscar and then take the next two years off to sail around the world or if leaving the after-party you drunkenly run over a pedestrian, you probably won’t be offered better roles. Read more

I never said that winning an Oscar has no value. A good agent can usually turn it into money and roles, especially if the person has a body of work. It’s just not a guaranteed payout like a MacArthur or a Nobel. Read more

But, like, why do movie trailers include things like “5-time Academy Award winner Joe Blow” or “Oscar-nominated actor So-and-So”? Read more

Winning would certainly get a person recognition and they may be able to parlay that into something more, but going back to my example of a Gold Award, a lot of young people bust their butts to get things to put on their college apps. I’m sure all are considered and it makes some more competitive in their college Read more

Winning an Oscar doesn’t get you anything except a trophy, an envelope and a permanent place in the World Almanac. Perhaps one could leverage their winning for more money or another role, but that’s similar to a high school student putting their Gold Award on a college app. It’s something that would be considered, but Read more

I ran a couple of titles through the uNoGS search of shows that have been on my wishlist, but have not been available for streaming in the US. Maybe this weekend, I’ll take a quick jaunt to Switzerland. Thanks. Read more

I watch some stuff with a VPN, but I don’t have a login and whenever I access those sites, the VPN is active. I assumed those watching foreign streams had separate subscriptions for each country’s contents, but I gather from this post and the comments that I could just invoke the VPN and “travel” for one show or a few Read more

So Netflix doesn’t mark my subscription as one to the US content? People overseas aren’t having to have a US subscription to use a VPN? Though the billing address might be in Australia, the content interface isn’t aware of this fact and Netflix isn’t tracking from which countries individual members access the site? Read more

I believe all of the major Gawker blogs have used the Jonas name. Though maybe not intentional, it could be a byproduct of shuttering The Vane. Read more

Once again, I’m going to say something that could get my Nerd Card revoked, but I haven’t yet watched Arrow or Flash and other than seeing a Hawkman comic cover once or twice, I’m not familiar with any of these characters. I wasn’t aware any of them were on other shows and as they each went through their Read more

I really liked Coupling. Jeff and Jane were real hoots. Read more

Gawker is no longer a media blog. Read more

There is now an ad-free option for an extra $4 a month. I don’t do Amazon, so I don’t know, but Netflix doesn’t have current season shows Read more