Aug 10

The 2uz is timing belt and the interval is 90k. The 5 speed doesn’t have as good as trans cooler as I think it needs and the “lifetime” fluid is a joke. Make sure it is up to date on timing belt and the transmission fluid had been changed at least once. Read more

Aug 8

If these follow the depreciation curve of the standard A6, they should be a great used deal almost immediately.

Aug 6

looks like maybe a Z, (with the three, small, round gauges across the top of the dash?)

Aug 1

He won’t. He deployed a YouTube video as anecdotal evidence, lol.

Jul 31

Making incorrect observations about motorsports is pretty much his shtick at this point.  It's so obvious I feel like it's just trolling for comments now. He won’t.

Jul 29

Police have uniforms for a reason. They have highly identifiable police vehicles for the same reason: so that we know they are the police. A bunch of dudes in shorts and polos jumping out of a Kia Sedona could BE ANYBODY.
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Jul 29

'Strong reservations'????? Fuck that. This is typically considered 'illegal' which is why there are LAWS against it. Cops are not above the law. You shouldn't have strong reservations, you should be outraged and demand change.

Jul 29

Was the safety of the armed officers so threatened that they couldn’t announce themselves before aggressively grabbing this person to throw them in an unmarked vehicle? Read more

Jul 29

So I’m going to show up at your house and “arrest” you by throwing you in my unmarked van and that’s fine, right? What’s that? I’m not a cop? How do you know? I’m supposed to show you my badge and read you your rights, huh? If I were a cop I’d do that, you say? Read more

Jul 29

They violated her Constitutional Rights. They were wearing plain clothes, driving an unmarked van, refused to identify themselves and didn’t read her her Miranda Rights. Read more

Jul 29

Stop and think about this for just a minute. We have armed men in some random van that isn’t normally associated with police duty stop and grab a young woman off the street and toss her in that van then take off, doesn’t make me think Cops making an arrest, even if they have something that looks like a uniform, that Read more

Jul 29

How do we know she’s a criminal? As far as I can tell, she has not, as of yet, been convicted of any crimes. That would make her a SUSPECT, not a criminal. Read more

Jul 29

Fuck off. Plain clothes dudes grabbing and shoving a woman off the street who was minding her own business, into an unmarked van, LOOKS LIKE kidnapping because that it what it is. Just becuase they have a legal motivation behind their actions doesn’t change what they actually did in broad daylight. If you saw this Read more

Jul 29

So you approve of Nazi era “arrest” techniques then? Like many people have told you, if that was happening to you, you’d be ok with being snatched off the street like that?  Maybe do a little research into both Nazi era and Communist Russia era police tactics.  Well, actually, they at least wore uniforms while they Read more

Jul 29

You don’t have a problem with the Secret Police nabbing people off the street in a way that is totally comparable to a kidnapping? Read more