May 22

Every kid is different. There might be developmental or emotional issues we don’t know about. Maybe back off the criticism of a strangers parenting?

Apr 5 2020

Well, Norman and Diane are a couple so I don’t understand what you are saying here? They live together?

Feb 25 2020

Personal irritation: when restaurants call it a “grilled cheese” but it has ANYTHING but cheese on it. Add meat and it’s a sandwich. 

Jan 30 2020

These are those same people who think single parents have investment income and childcare is only a couple hundred dollars a month. Delusional. 

Jan 22 2020

So are copy editors just too dang expensive? It’s odd to see so many typos in a publication that supposedly has paid employees. 

Dec 30 2019

Well that’s infuriating. Who the hell was he to decide that it was time for her to go? That her life was no longer worth living? Fuck all that. 

Dec 28 2019

Oh I’m going to watch the shit out of this when it comes out on Netflix. I loved the book, I loved the book sequels, I loved the movie adaptations.  But do I expect my daughter to love it? Not at all. It is definitely dated and not really something that kid’s now are really into. It’s fine! 

Dec 11 2019

IHOP just isn’t very good. The last time I went my kids ate two bites of their ridiculously expensive pancakes and declared them “too sugary and sweet”. I love my breakfast foods, but IHOP isn’t embracing the diner concept and is trying to be something it’s not. 

Nov 13 2019

You can smell the smarmy from here. They are both garbage people. I can’t believe conservatives support these clowns after all the shit they have done.