Jun 13 2019

Counter-point. People that think hot dogs aren’t sandwiches are the same people that think the Earth is flat, vaccines cause autism, and Pluto isn’t a planet.

Feb 1 2019

It is not the conservatives. It is the chowderheads who think MAGA gear is cool. Or the skinhead look. Read more

Jul 24 2018

You did an excellent job describing the situation. In my professional opinion, I believe procedurally both controller and pilot did what they had to do. Operationally the squabble on frequency was unprofessional by both parties.

May 20 2018

This may be a helpful hint as well: To hit my delivery threshold with the scourge of wanting something which is an add-on-only item, I add an expensive book with a publishing date well in the future (cook books or art and design books are good for this). I check out, wait for my order to ship, then cancel the book Read more