Dec 3

harris’s campaign was already torpedoing when she dumped alot of her staff. this is a “fuck you for making people come out here to fire them” letter.

her campaign was a mess. it’s not a lie.

Nov 13

asdkfjdk my GOD woman, get your head out of your ass. Sarah, you write shitty teen romance YA, you’re not out here writing the next Booker Prize novel. Of course a college junior, who is presumably in her twenties and you know, at university to challenge herself academically, wants to read something with more Read more

Oct 28

Arsenal fans, probably because they are unfamiliar with managerial change, have yet to fully turn on the manager, and instead have made Xhaka—a damn good player whom Emery does no favors with the team’s playing style and line-up decisions—the focus of their ire. The players, however, are less blind and reportedly are Read more

Oct 28

I’m not sure what Arsenal fans you talk to, but I’m very certain that the vast, vast majority of the fanbase wants Emery gone. Read more

Oct 17 2019

That’s not how any of this works lol. 

Aug 4 2019

I tried Jack In The Box once, and my ass played “Pop Goes The Weasel” for 3 days.

Jul 25 2019

No, it isn't. Running away is often the result of a logical assessment of the facts of a situation, in this case the fact that the attackers has knives and he did not.

Jul 2 2019

What are you talking about - the flag is not racist, this is just pearl clutching. You acting like Nike should hire people to have stupid overreactions? SMH

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Jul 2 2019

Oh, now Colin’s just making shit up to mess with the white people in marketing.

May 9 2019

to be fair, this is probably what hamilton thinks of him and libby is parroting it because they’re fucking.

May 6 2019

it will be a cold day in hell before I give up my wood burning fireplace.

May 6 2019

Unlike the effort to extract LPG to run those gas grills?

May 6 2019

I do what I can not to pollute, make the sustainable choice. But this one. This one issue-

Apr 25 2019

Joe is probably my favorite out of all the dems thus far. The main reason, the people in OH/MI/WI love him. I could never see myself voting for Sanders, not that I entirely disagree with his policies. But because of the way he portrays a lot of opinions as facts- the same way Trump does. Also how he acted in 2016. It Read more

Apr 11 2019

I agree on everything you said but what does Pepe have to do with anything here?

Jan 13 2019

It’s roughly 21 ounces of whisky. With that, it’s .14 ounce of simple per ounce of whisky. I was personally worried about the bitters, but it was A+.