Dil 心
3:47 PM

This show was such a catastrophic waste of time. At first it seemed like it might go somewhere but the setting and primary narrative is nonsensical. I’m certain that anyone that made it through the whole show was sticking it out just to see if the show would go somewhere in the end rather than continue escalating the Read more

2:15 AM

I’m tired and never have any time for anything now so this’ll be short. I’ll be missing a lot of people but I still love everyone here in this community - AniTAY is my home and I couldn’t be prouder. Read more

1:11 AM

I have to agree that most of the music from the first half is better than the second half. I like EDM, so hearing Lights Go Out was a surprise to hear since it was good in my opinion.
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3:26 PM

Dil, that was an incredible monologue! I’m glad someone is speaking out on it. I haven’t been on the social media sphere long, but it’s awful seeing the fallout from this and seeing the victims harassed online months after they went public. Even now, I’m still seeing it online with something as a simple tweet put out Read more