Dil 心
Jul 10

Please please please find someone to actually comment, give constructive feedback and not only to troll.

Jul 4

Your thoughts on Gleipnir are exactly the same as mine. I picked it up after seeing a clip and I just binged it so fast. It wasn’t some amazing show, but it was different enough to keep me interested. That and as you mention, “the cherry on top”. Read more

Jun 15

Speaking of sports episodes in non-sport anime, I’ll just throw the baseball episode from Dorehedoro since it’s so fresh off my mind:

Jun 3

I just finished Golden Time last night, not realizing how polarizing it was. The problem is that while I recognized a lot of things it shows both well, and poorly about relationships - it’s hard to like an anime that they don’t end up with the best girl. Nana 4 lyfe.

Jun 1

Cool list! Surprised to see some things that are eternally on my backlog (Monthly Girl’s Nokazaki Club, Golden Time, Hi Score Girl, etc) which have given me motivation to watch. I was also reminded of Somali’s existence, and it’s an absolute travesty that I haven’t seen that yet since I loved Demon Daughter and Read more

May 29

This was very hard to read, i watched all of Garden of sinners with my brother several years ago. He recently took his own life we found out that he had been struggling with a depression spanning several years.

We usually liked very different anime but this one he showed more interest in than usual..