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10:47 AM

You know, besides the memes and waifu wars, I knew nothing about this series. What a wonderful education on this- you sell it a lot better than most have to me lol Read more

9:36 AM

Thank you so much for this comment- I was talking to Umi about it the other day, and I really think people like when we do this. A guest I had on some time ago said he was excited to come back on soon because this isn’t like those stiff podcasts where there is never an organic conversation.

10:24 AM

For what it is worth, Kev, your thoughts are in line with the general reception of this particular story. I think you either love it or really find it muted when compared to the rest of Monogatari. This is one of the only stories that has an entire focus on one of the characters, and it introduces a very different Read more

10:02 PM

So I probably spent more time on this than I care to admit, but I went ahead and made sure I didn’t miss anyone. If you’re not on here, call me out on it please because I went all out to try to find everyone on the server I have interacted with to make sure I write a personalized message. I love this community, and it Read more

10:24 AM

That first half was great with music because a musical competition meant that you get a variety of music, not just “oh man it has been x number of episodes since we had another Angela song, lets go with this one.” and the pacing of the show definitely shows this.

12:17 PM

Thank you for listening and writing this comment, Aether. My thoughts on this situation have been mulled over for months, so when it came time to deliver that monologue I didn’t even need to read from anything. I already knew exactly what to say. I think Luigi made the best point about this whole thing in that it’s Read more

12:10 PM

Totally missed this comment, I’m sorry! I wasn’t expecting someone to comment on this one. This was one of my absolute favorite things I have ever written, so I greatly appreciate the comment. Have a wonderful day!

3:29 PM

It’s a very calculated show, but I think the the second season tried to turn it into an action grotesque kind of thing it wasn’t. That’s probably where a lot of folks have a disconnect. I’ll admit even with this third season you have to be ready to roll up your sleeves and take the time to digest the moves that subtly Read more

12:20 PM

Yeah on top of that there is so much stuff in the Psycho Pass universe that hasn’t had a dub yet. Funi is sitting on this franchise for whatever reason. I really hope they get some dubs for this and the films 

9:02 AM

Well that’s troubling. I’m working on a QoL improvement for the podcast this weekend so I’ll go back in and swap out the links. Thanks for brining this to my attention.

12:23 PM

I would like to watch it one day, glad you enjoyed it that much.

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There is a small black bar that is embedded between the text and recommended reading from where we upload. I’m working on getting an RSS feed going soon though 

11:56 AM

I kept hearing about the song. It was good, but I had been disappointed so much to the point that it didn’t do much to remedy my woes from it. Thanks for commenting!

12:58 PM

I think the way they are more focused on keeping the peace by not only being aware of the corruption but also going through the extra hoops because of the desire to enforce justice drives the main investigators so much is remarkable. It feels a lot more like how crime dramas should unfold than the pitfall of “it is Read more

9:28 PM

Watching a person hack someone to pieces with a fire axe while speaking basic philosophy questions really breaks my suspension of disbelief too...

7:48 PM

Took some time to read this one. Aether, I’m not just blowing smoke up your rear by saying this but you have an incredible way of articulating your thoughts and feelings into an article.

9:58 AM

That’s wild isn’t it? I heard they were using that arc for it and thought the same thing- glad it is going well