Mar 17 2019

Bone to pick: this girl being trash isn’t a hall pass to disparage universities (USC and SDSU in this article alone) that a lot of us worked hard to get into and get through. You don’t sound cool when you suggest these competitive schools are worthless; you sound like an elitisit. If your point is that education is Read more

Sep 28 2018

Best of luck, thanks for all the fun articles about silly subjects.  You've been a bright spot in this last year. 

Sep 28 2018

I think the story she wants to tell starts off like this: “I read the Handmaid’s Tale and really identified with the character of Serena Joy.”

Aug 8 2018

Being paid to work around Black people is not the same as loving them so you can really cut that out of all your spiels moving forward. Maybe if you marry a Black person and that’s a maybe because we see plenty of white people in relationships with Black people who don’t get it. Maybe if you have Black kids but the Read more

Mar 30 2018

Now I would never jump to conclusions, at least not without saying ‘I would never jump to conclusions’, but that now being said..it sure looks like those women murdered those children.

Mar 26 2018

You shouldn’t try to have an honest conversation with someone who starts the discussion with that tired “religion of peace” bullshit, it’s like trying to have a serious discussion with someone who rants about “Crooked Hillary”, you’re never gonna get through to them no matter what you say.

Jan 16 2018

This! Like, who the fuck is pissing their pants their whole life to move 1000 miles away to go to Alabama? I guess dumb racist white bitches who think they’re going back to the plantation?

Jan 16 2018

Even if that’s the case, still gets me that one could spend upwards of 100K and tank your future career prospects cause of lack of self control. Read more

Nov 18 2017

Yeah seriously. Fuck her, and especially fuck her being what so many conservatives point to as ‘liberal feminism’. Girl, you help the cause more by shutting the fuck up and sitting the fuck down.

Nov 18 2017

She’s dangerous. I know sometimes when a woman shows herself not to be A Perfect Feminist Jezebel (and us here in the comments too) have a tendency to jump on it, it has shades of that 30 Rock episode but Lena Dunham is fucking dangerous. Someone in another thread mentioned these comments will end up being used Read more

Nov 18 2017

she is a spoiled rich dumb brat, who doesn’t know how to shut the fuck up.

Nov 11 2017

Oh honestly. That’s my problem with the blind outrage. I think I made it pretty clear I think the comment was gross and inexcusable.

Nov 10 2017

The apology is not nor will it ever be an eraser. Better late then also comes to mind, but we have to be clear in what does constitute a conversation. This is systematic and long cultivated behavior, but as a black person in America I think if there is room for sorry, or I get it now, or I want to do better we should Read more

Oct 31 2017

This isn’t even a rabbit hole; this is obvious information to anyone that’s familiar with VA law. But yeah, I billed 0.1 hours to the good ol’ “correcting the criminally uninformed on the internet” file.

Oct 30 2017

Exactly! Rats in the wall is such a great analogy, because we all want to believe its something else we hear but it is ALMOST ALWAYS FUCKING RATS when you hear it and you’ve got to deal with that shit!