5:09 PM

Oh, man! Thanks for always being a good guy on here Bobby. You’ve got character! You’ve got substance! You’ve got talent! You’ll go far... but a sad day for Jez. Be good! 

11:38 PM

I suppose it depends on whether you consider her saying it did “proof” or not, but it’s not “unlikely” that she said it as she did a number of times Read more

8:30 PM

Redwriter didn’t have anything to do with that blog. She had her own relationship with Bon Mortensen that was pretty civil. If I was going to “drop receipts” then Snack, yeah. But RW has nothing to do with that beyond talking to me about its existence like two weeks later. Read more

3:37 AM

Yeah I saw it. And yeah Amy is another hosebag. She said she sent me a parcel and it was a LIE lmaooooo like what the hell? I get this “grifter” talk bc people pitched in during my break up and general life catastrophic fail but so what? Hard to get out from under when people are making shit up hot damn that one thing Read more

5:52 PM

All interesting questions. Ones I’m not ready to answer bc I have a lot going on IRL but I will. I just need to think over how much of this needs to be knocked on the head and honestly... probably a lot of it.
Read more

9:01 PM

Unsurprising but lol what a dirtbag. Especially given her penchant for near constant backstabbing. Anyone that has had any dealings with her at all knows she’s a complete snake. And if they don’t know it now they will find out soon enough.

7:50 PM

This is a really interesting, thoughtful piece. Thanks Julianne.

5:36 PM

They got married after that movie and I get it. Angie was at her peak with the short hair and ‘tude imo.

5:33 PM

Hacked your computer? What is this a 90s movie starring Angelina Jolie and an underrated Jonny Lee Miller?

5:50 PM

I used to be patient with Dunham supporters but now I honestly just think they are irretrievably stupid. Read more

5:49 PM

Settle down, Katmandu. Raging around Jezebel and then dismissing anyone who responds in a way you don’t like is bizarre behaviour. Either be a part of the conversation or don’t. Curating your threads so only you have a platform to bellow into the wind is preposterous. Maybe you’re getting so many disagreements in your Read more

7:28 PM

You’ve only shown one further incidence of her being mentioned as an aside. That’s hardly dragging her name repeatedly as you initially suggested. Your receipts don’t contradict me, or the Jezebel article. I’m confused as to why you’re so pressed to make an argument that has no legs, I suppose. Who is “Jezebel”? Read more

4:41 PM

This isn’t what happened. Madeleine and Anna put up an entire article detailing the bewildering effect of Jen Kirkman insisting that Jezebel dragged her into it when she was only mentioned once, in relation to taking her podcast down, then never again. Are you basing this on what Kirkman has said? Because she Read more

7:22 PM

This can’t be an unaltered image bc her fingers and palm are making... A butthole? There is a goatse-esque cavern there which is not biologically possible.

7:13 PM

I’m going through something similar and it’s so unsettling. Like there are rats in the walls of the situation, scuttling around within earshot but out of sight. JUST OWN UP! The squirming, getting caught in lies, shifting the story ever so slightly. One thing it does : exhaust legal funds. Eventually you can’t afford Read more