I’d buy that the family didn’t see Jack-Jack use his powers at the end of the first one, as he and Syndrome were pretty high up at the time. They could probably see that Syndrome was having some sort of trouble, and maybe saw a burst of fire, but wouldn’t have known the source. They could easily have assumed that some Read more

“We nailed it!” was the highlight of E3 for me so far. You know they love their game. Read more

Watching E3 right now crying and shitting myself at the same time! Read more

If you’re worried about a date ditching you over what kind of phone you’re using you’re:
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Alright, Michael, how do I put this: Read more


This is the man who asked Google Assistant “what is a good date spot near me?” Read more

An iPhone, which she clearly used, shows messages sent from Android phones in a green conversation bubbles as long as you’re using the default text messaging app, Apple Messages.
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I’m sorry that you don’t have the capacity for individuality and can be actually shamed by something as meaningless as the electronic communicator in your pocket. Read more

Given the degree of difficulty (R-rated, fourth-wall-penetrating CBM about a character most muggles haven’t heard of) and the cost effectiveness (many spots were filmed with just RR at home, some on his iPhone), the goddamn thing deserves the win. Read more

The shape he compares it too looks a lot more like a square than a rectangle, but i failed geometry so i’m probably wrong. Read more

Did some mods too, as well as adding a monthly calendar and different clock. Calming and perfect for work!

OK, I know it's based on stupid/wrong premise. But the trailer gave me some hope for something really fun!