Ad he didn't even get a single shiny 😂 this man is the definition of Jynx Read more

Even with rushing it, they could have done it better than this.. out of the top of my head, they could've let Jaime and Cersi escape and when Danny finds out that Tyron let them she kills him and then go on her killing spree and find them and burn them.. that would have been more satisfying in my opinion.. Not to Read more

FFVIII is finally getting some love! Read more

I can’t tell if these are screenshots or actual photos!! Read more

I really hope this is true.. I can’t believe Google would buy HTC mobile division and end up making this fugly phone.. Read more

So superheroes and a baby that can turn into a devil makes sense but the legal issues doesn't... Hmm... Read more

Actually the last sigment of the game hinted that there is a connection between Jade and the Domz Read more

Okay wait so he’s saying that Thanos might actually have died in the end and in the next movie they’ll find the gauntlet next to his ashes?! Read more

Having no answers to your and our questions is what makes this show great. Just like The Leftovers did, is. Read more

Amen to that!! I absolutely loved the design of both BotW and Oddsey! I wish all open world games are designed with the same concept! I really hate the idea of filling the game of repetitive, unnecessary stuff just to add extra hours to the gameplay and say you need 200 hours to complete the game.. And since Michael Read more

My wife just adds salt to the water.. works every time Read more

Jimmy is seriously geeking out, he’s not acting! Loved that :D Read more

I’ve just subscribed to see if he’ll actually do it :D Read more

WTF is wrong with you people?! Just because the guy got dumped, Android became shitty?! Wait! Are you that tech savvy girl that dumped him?! >.> Read more

Aren’t you the one who wrote that crappy Pixel phone review? (too lazy to go and check) if yes, did you give a great phone a crappy review just because a girl dumped you?! Oo Read more

The Verge gave the Pixel a 9 and Gizmodo says switch to the iPhone.. Are we being pranked? :D Read more

This is worse than SEEN ... Read more