May 11

Bullshit on the “can’t be rehomed” nonsense. There are rescues that specialize in training and rehoming “difficult” dogs. Dogs that were trained to fight to the death have been successfully deprogrammed and transformed into loving pets. Read more

May 4

There’s a scene missing from this over produced video: The one where she killed someone with her car and got away with it.  Read more

Apr 28

If churches are gonna start taking political stands then they should have their tax exempt status removed. 

Apr 28

They have a reputation for inserting personal theories as facts and favouring the Funimation dub to the near-absolute exclusion of everything else (up to and including removing information about the original Japanese version of the anime, let alone the manga). The top admin is rather draconian about it. Read more

Apr 28

Fun fact: when Goku visited Penguin Village in Dragon Ball, they reused Kikuchi’s music from Dr. Slump to add to the authenticity. Because Funimation didn’t replace Dragon Ball’s score like they did with Z and GT, the music was preserved in their 5.1 surround mix. Because of the automated way the Voices, Sound Effects Read more

Apr 23

People on the right are scared of intellectually superior people. They are scared of education, they are scared of scientists. You see, they are very paranoid people that easily attach to conspiracy theories so that they can feel like they know something other people don’t. Read more

Apr 21

If the cop’d drawn their baton rather than their gun, they could have brought it down on the back of her hand, forcing her to drop the knife, then taken her peacefully into custody for assessment. But this is America. So now we have a dead kid. ACAB

Apr 18

The gallows in that photograph was for the confederate convicted murderer, Henry Wirz, “The Demon of Andersonville”. Maybe if Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and the rest of the slaving, confederate aristocracy met the same deserved fate, the United States could have joined the civilized world and we wouldn’t be such Read more

Apr 16

The guy running Internal Affairs for a police department thinks a teenage sociopath was ordained by God to commit racial murders and people think we need reform not abolition. LOL.

Apr 16

You know who supports and sympathize with murderers? Other murderers.  Fire them. 

Apr 9

Fox News is the mascot of the party that jizzes itself at the mention of the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere etc. Yet they are cosplaying as imperialists now because they get a chance to shit on some black people. Ain’t racism wild?

Apr 8

I think the last five years have shown that there are still a whole lot of humans walking around with ape-like brains.

Apr 7

Imagine if Twitter made the entirely-reasonable decision in late-2015 to ban Trump for violations of its terms of service. The mess of the last 5 years could have been completely avoided.