Nov 25

It’s tennis, but on a tiny little court so one doesn’t have to run around like some filthy commoner. 

Nov 16

I still remember Trump tweeting out the clip of Thanos saying “I am inevitable” which I thought at the time was ironic considering that was literally the last line he spoke before losing everything.

Nov 10

We really can’t afford to be dismissive of this, the way we were dismissive of Trump’s campaign in 2015. Or how we were dismissive of Trump fighting the Mueller investigation in the press. Read more

Nov 6

My god....real tangible sentences! Coherency! Grammar! Actual speechifying! No mugging! No clichés! No constant rehashing of dumb soundbites over and over again and expecting that to be an answer!  From a President!

Nov 5

Trump admitted his evil, racist calculus tonight. He knew that black people who are predominantly killed by COVID would vote by mail. He and his cronies did all they could to ensure their votes would be the last to count. All so he can tell the lie that votes from Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta are illegal as he did Read more

Nov 5

I can’t take much more of this shit. The closeness of all of this is just so upsetting. I live in friggin Vermont, and Biden only won by 65%. 3% went to 3rd parties, but Trump got 32% here?? That’s mindblowing to me, and so disheartening. We’re supposed to be so solidly liberal up here. Still, better than the South. 

Nov 4

As many supposed Republican voters as I saw on the internet talking about voting straight blue tickets, it seems like everyone stayed in their corners for the most part. A Republican senator could eat babies and still win, as long as they have an R next to their name, literally nothing matters.

Nov 4

You really don’t have to go far from any US city before you’re in CFC (Cousin-Fucker Country). Sometimes, a trip to the suburbs is all it takes. Read more

Nov 4

There is something that this white guy can do about it. Support one of them for speaker. Because Pelosi has been milquetoast and I except her to pull the same look forward not back BS she did back in 2006.

Nov 4

Actually, how much does it matter at this point? What this election is showing us is that the deep division between the sides has only gotten worse. Millions more turned out to mire us all deeper in the shit. Even if Biden wins, how much is he going to be able to do? Evil fucks like McConnell and Graham are still Read more

Nov 4

I don’t have hope. I’ve long stopped believing that Americans will do the right thing when a buffoon is at the helm, especially in 2004. Read more

Nov 4

Because hate gives people a community that expects nothing difficult of them. You don’t have to learn; you don’t have to change. You just say you don’t like something, or someone, and you’re in the club. Read more