Nov 25

It’s the new “thing” for the Trump family: living in golf resorts. The family is so hated there’s no real place for them to live that would shield them from the public, except their members-only golf resorts.

Nov 23

The legal talk really isn’t needed to highlight the pure uncut stupidity that’s going on. All that has to be known is before Trump was president, no decent lawyer would work for him. Once he became president, the bad lawyers who did represent him quit a while later. We all remember he kept swearing he had all sorts of Read more

Nov 22

A pre-school was shot up years ago and not a single gun control law was created. Instead, the parents of the victims were called “actors” and the entire shooting was “faked”. Most of the parents were harassed to the point where they have to hide. Read more

Nov 18

To get rid of QAnon, you need one amazing mental health care program. These are people who are denying reality. We’ve all seen it in the past few days, the reports of them literally screaming with their last breaths that COVID isn’t real and they’re dying of something else. They’ve stopped watching Fox News and Read more

Nov 15

Trump had a reputation of being a terrible client, so even before he became president, no decent lawyer would work for him. The thing to keep in mind is the bad ones that did work for him all quit shortly after he became president, so after that, only the absolute worst of the worst would dare to represent him. His Read more

Nov 12

Why is Kushner sending his kids to school when he’s just going to buy them a degree like his father did for him?

Nov 12

It’s Trump. Every time he loses a court case, he just tries again thinking the outcome will be different.

Nov 12

The problem is they’re in British Columbia as well, so they’re just going to cross the border into Washington again. Both countries need to join together to wipe out these invasive wasps or it will never end.

Nov 11

It’s because they believe Trump will now be the face of the Republican Party when he’s out of office. Any future presidential candidate will need his support and approval since his insane support base will do anything he says.If they speak out against Trump, he won’t support them and they won’t get the votes they need.

Nov 10

Trump lost. What he’s doing is extremely dangerous: he’s trying to rile up his base to defend him, ignore the fact that he lost, and well, get violent when he isn’t given his second term. Even if there is no violence, his base will spend the next 4 years proclaiming Trump is still president.

Nov 9

It’s also super expensive to do what Trump wants to do. The Bush vs Gore court battle took a ton of money from the Republicans, and that was just 1 single state. Trump wants to fight this in multiple states. They cannot afford this.

Nov 9

His hotels had started to suffer shortly after he became president, as many people avoided them due to his policies. His name became toxic and the buildings that rented his name dropped it fast. He himself did more harm to his properties and name than the corona virus could have hoped to.

Nov 9

So an obese elderly man with a heart disease is going thru an extremely stressful event and is shoveling down fast food like it’s going out of style. Oh, and he’s barely getting any sleep and has a long history of drug abuse. Read more

Nov 8

I’m expecting them to return to the “He’s newsworthy” excuse.

Nov 7

Please, don’t ever repeat the horrible mistake that was made in 2016. His moron children will definitely try to become president in the future, just never forget their father has killed 240 000 people (sigh... so far...) for no reason at all.

Nov 6

Trump’s biography states he threw rocks at babies when he was a teenager for fun. He can’t have pets because he’d either torture or kill them. I wonder how many pets went missing in Trump’s old neighborhood...

Nov 4

The Republicans suffered a major loss in 2018, and now 2 years later, with 230 000+ Americans dead at Trump’s own hands, they’ve somehow recovered and are doing better. These morons are claiming they think Trump can rebuild an economy HE destroyed. A man who was unfit to handle an economy in the first place because he Read more

Nov 3

Makes sense. His rallies are now just him complaining about how cold it is and how he doesn’t want to campaign. He wants to just sit at home and watch TV while everyone praises him.

Nov 3

Take his COVID-19 illness, add in tons of stress, 4-5 rallies a day, some of them in bitter cold temperatures, and then throw in 3 hours of sleep a night. He was never healthy to start with, and all of this extra stuff is compounding his health problems.

Nov 3

Yep, there’s no way he can make it to 2024 if he got a 2nd term. His entire 1st term he was getting maybe 4-5 hours sleep max. With his obesity, heart disease, dementia, lack of sleep, and the anger he always has, his heart will not last much longer. The past week he’s been getting maybe 3 hours of sleep each night. A Read more