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Mar 4

To name a few you may recognize, Mercedes invented and/or pioneered development of: crumple zone concept, ABS, electronic ABS, supplemental restraint system (SRS), electronic stability control (ESC), brake assist system (BAS), radar-assisted cruise control and collision avoidance... Read more

Oct 16

nope. the board was designed and finalized to a specification by one guy and then 3 years later some other guy decided they wanted a handshake 60 times a minute instead of once a minute, and those two guys never met or even worked for the same company. that second guy didn’t know shit about flash memory. he just Read more

Sep 17

Really, we don’t know anything. We are assuming he was playing, and the cars capabilities exceeded the drivers. We are probably right of course. But we have no idea. He could have had a medical issue. Or his hooker may have spilled all the cocaine. His pet ferret could have gotten out of the carrier, bit the hooker Read more

Sep 17

For all you know, a some gawking tourists in a Mustang convertible came around the corner in the middle of the road, which frequently occurs on Mulholland. Love your hatred of the wealthy.

Sep 17

Professional racing drivers crash, too.

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Sep 16

For all we know the driver had driving lessons and was emboldened by them. You don't need to be a pro driver to know that pushing a supercar to your limits on public roads is a stupid idea

Aug 20

Can .. barely type this... with all.... the tears ... flowing on to my screen...

Jul 28 2019

New platform new engine new entire car. First year production, perhaps one of the first produced for NA. Ragged on by journalists. What do you expect? And the lengthy downtime is due to the horrible dealer/supply network, not really the car. Read more

May 3 2019

Tell me about your experience owning an Alfa, beyond reading an article about one Quadrifoglio.

Jan 15 2019

If you wouldn’t even buy it at $35k, then that’s exactly why it doesn’t speak to you. They made this car for people that are actually potentially going to be customers. If you wouldn’t even buy this car at a loss, then they have no incentive to tailor it whatsoever to anything that would interest you.

Apr 15 2017

Really? That is interesting. I think it’s pretty good! But, I bet if I stepped in one coming from the A8 flagship I might feel the same.