Nov 14 2017

So in the Popovich/Kerr 2021 administration, do we make Stan Van Gundy the Secretary of State or Ambassador to the UN?

Nov 9 2017

Rich greedy assholes bickering over how to distribute shitloads of money that they and their children will never live long enough to spend. Read more

Nov 1 2017

Look at this middle-aged white guy. Standing there smiling, shoving our face in his middle-aged whiteness, just a month after a middle-aged white guy killed 59 people in Las Vegas.

Oct 31 2017

Gotta say Goop’s costume is one of my favorites this year.

Oct 28 2017

The guy admits he did it, and it’s still an “apparent racial gesture” to the Worldwide Leader.

Oct 18 2017

That photo of the rhino is so damn depressing. Seriously, fuck people.

Oct 14 2017

Now that was good hard-science distillation. I have more unread peer reviewed academic studies than read ones downloaded. Like ten to one. And the one’s read were skimmed at best.

Oct 13 2017

at what point do you take away his right as an adult to make an informed decision regarding his own health and body? Look, I don’t disagree with you! However, if he is properly presented the risks and future possible issues, then shouldn’t he be able to make that informed decision himself as an adult?

Oct 13 2017

Am I the only one who blinks a bit at seeing the victim described as an “old man”? I mean, he looks to be about my age and that’s totally not old!

Oct 8 2017

The game should have ended on the fourth down play. When you pull the ball back of your own volition, you should not get forward progress. No Packer pushed the ball back, Elliot pulled it back.

Sep 26 2017

When Trump announced the ban, he said he’d made the decision “in consultation with my Generals,” an assertion which now begs the question: And which generals might those be?