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God I love this game. Already completed the campaign on Hard, have unlocked all but 3 Ace skins, and currently doing a guns-only run on normal for the F-104 skin. (Mig-21bis with gunpods ftw.) When I’m at work, I’m at r/acecombat. Such a great series. 

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Agreed. I did the first scenario on easy probably 5 times to get a feel for the game and learn where everything is, what I needed to do, etc. After that it’s just rinse and repeat. There’s no endless or sandbox mode where you can keep exploring, growing the city like a Cities or SimCity type game. I wish a mode like Read more

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Not sure how this rumor started but I’m not going anywhere. I had about as shitty a two weeks as somebody could have but I’m still standing. I’ve just been pending time in hospitals which isn’t great for ones mood... or health for that matter.

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I think I’ll stick to my headcanon - it was never done before because it wouldn’t have worked before. It was only possible due to the First Order’s usage of experimental hyperspace tracking. As the tracker (syncs/ exists in the same space/ *technobable*) with Holdo’s ship’s hyperdrive, it makes it possible for the Read more

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Having your lead dump her dreamy black boyfriend who just wants to be a hero so she can have a romance with a prickly white prince, slaver, and reluctant hero might sound good when you’re spitballing story ideas with your friends over a couple of Dews, but in practice it’s just really stupid. Read more

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Happy to, you’d certainly be right if he were on one of the legacy brokerages, although most offer free or reduced commissions if you have a something like $20-25k in your account. By my very quick and bad math it would only take 50 trading days to run up $25k in commissions if he’s trading every 5 minutes during Read more

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This article does not contain any reference to kpop, so we cannot confirm that this was written by the real Dec. Considering this, we are currently taking this to be a part of a hostile takeover by Proton.