Apr 20

Same. Motivation is a mothefucker. Also short attention span. I guess that’s probably why using stuff like Adderrall is so prominent in writing. Or alcohol.

I think the only work of fiction I’ve ever written to completion was a joke short story I wrote about my friend when I was trashed one night. It made him laugh, Read more

Apr 15

Outer Wilds has an ‘i’ in it because ‘I’ played it. 

Jan 3

This article paints such a vivid experience of watching the last decade in transformation and the duality of representation and exclusion that has come with a renewed interest in video game gender politics. It’s not one I experienced firsthand, but one that I was painfully forced to watch my gaming friends suffer Read more

Jan 3

I usually don’t have time to read the Kotaku features, so I fully expected to browse the first couple of paragraphs and move on. Read more

Dec 29

Just a heads up: If you get shitty or mean in these comments I’ll remove them. Go be an asshole somewhere else. 

Dec 28

yooo if youre not even at the bloody baron yet, you’ve barely started! it gets pretty intense the further you get in. a lot of the stuff early game is just introducing things. 

Dec 27

When I first started it, I was having doubts too. But I hope you stick with it because it became my favorite game of all time (not that my opinion matters to you). 

Nov 22 2019

Those 2017 Nintendo games were miles beyond everything else.

Nov 21 2019

For real. In trying to convey to students that politics simply concerns human interactions that involve both power and conflict, I’ve seen too many of them fail to grasp that. I suppose it doesn’t help that in everyday speech we hardly ever specify what facet of politics we are talking about at any given time. Read more