Speak of the Deville
12:03 PM

This entire thread going on underneath this specific article sums Jalopnik up perfectly. Bravo everyone. 

11:25 AM

To think some of you are so fragile that you’re offended by vehicle design. I’m pretty sure all the offenders are gonna sell just fine. I’m starting to see quite a few Silverado 2500s popping up around me. Lexus is still keeping their steady pace. The swollen kidney BMWs are gonna be just fine. That design quirk sure Read more

10:40 AM

Some of you seem to be missing the trend here. Semi-rare stuff from the rad era is starting to move up in value. I know, I know, we could buy one of these for 50 bucks and a gram back in high school but we culled the heard doing that shit. Now these quirky little rare birds are worth more than some of you are willing Read more

9:46 AM

While it’s possible I may have joined in on some “critical” but also lighthearted ribbing at your expense a few times, you have my respect. Read more

1:01 PM

Every time I see someone complain about not being able to see over a CUV or truck I think to myself “this has to be one of the assholes that rides my bumper for 10 miles every morning”. I drive a pickup and a Crown Vic. I have no problem with visibility switching between them.

4:01 PM

The owner of my company is pretty well off. Like his barn is nicer than anyone who works here’s house. More rooms in his house than there are offices in his buildings. With what we do, he can have his pick of buying anything from any manufacturer for invoice minus. This man still grabs the cloth seat rental spec Read more

9:07 AM

This little guy is priced 2k above retail. For a 15 year old moody Audi that isn’t particularly special, no thank you. These are cool little summer cruisers but not worth more than 5k Read more