Sep 3 2016

If we stop them from fracking they’ll want to strip mine the oil-bearing shale. “It’s God’s will, he wants me to be rich and happy, Joel Osteen and Creflo Dollar said so!” Read more

Jun 5 2016

OOOO now I can tell my kinda funny (but not really) renovation story! So we decided to cut out the middle man (e.g. Home Depot) for the granite countertops in the kitchen and found a guy who sells and installs, and while my mom was showing the guy some possibly choices, the guy was like “Those are so Home Depot” and Read more

May 1 2016

I thought he was going to toss that baby onto a nearby bonfire.

Jul 28 2015

Okay, so Oklahoma now has the trashiest governor’s mansion in the nation. But on the bright side, we can now lay claim to having the classiest trailer park.

Jul 16 2015

This is why I am trying not to write off the whole state of Oklahoma right now (or other states that piss me off). There are too many good folks there that deserve SO much better.