desolationangel is fallen
Aug 19 2018

A bodhrán drum specifically. My husband has promised not to divorce me over this. It’s the fault of Milwaukee Irish

May 7 2018

Just putting this here in case anyone wants to discuss. I’m working absurd hours until the end of the month, so my

Apr 1 2018

Afternoon all, I’m a little late posting this this week. My gym was closed today so I just did a few push ups before

Mar 18 2018

Brought to you by Milwaukee’s loveliest day in quite a while. 55F, sunny, a slight breeze. Went for a run even

Mar 4 2018

*Richard Simmons voice* Alright! Time to talk about the fitness week past and our goals for the week ahead.

Feb 25 2018

It’s that time again. Today I have discussion prompts. First, what did you achieve that you’re proud of this week,

Feb 17 2018

Missed this last week, still got my workout in but then had a busy weekend. But the Olympics are super inspiring!

Feb 4 2018

Me? I’m rediscovering the stair climber because I figure that’s the best way to train to climb a mountain when you