I was volunteer staff at this year’s Mustang Alley. Here is some more Mustang porn for you guys:

On a side note, when you get a sec, please have a look at my reply to your Model T post Jason. I think it got lost in the grey’s .... Read more

It’s interesting that you chose the Model T Jason. As it turns out J Mays actually approached Syd Mead back in 2009 to design a new Model T for its 100 year anniversary. Syd details the design in his book Sentury II. (hopefully you can see the images it has been forever since I commented

ahem.... Read more

This was....sadly....the last anybody saw of Sky Crane. God Speed Sky gave your life for a noble purpose. *a moment of silence* Read more

I would have to say you made two fatal assumptions when you got your treadmill. Read more

What is the most common price range that you sell a stolen bike for? Read more

hmmm... last time I checked Mercedes-Benz was a German car company. derp.

Ah, I see. I suppose I should look up wikipedia more often :) Read more

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Speaking of "borrowing" guitar riffs, has anybody else ever noticed how Coldplays song "Talk" is taken from Kraftwerk? (see reply for Kraftwerk video)

Actually that's not entirely correct. Ideabox is offering this home for sale Read more

holy abomination

I didn't see the other posts, stupid "show earlier discussions" button! Why you make me press you so many times?! Read more

I'm surprised nobody has said E28 yet

Looks Like Ford is Playing Hardball in the mid size segment, Finally something to give Hyundai/Kia a run for their money! Read more

You really are comparing apples to oranges here. Saleen is an aftermarket manufacturer who isn't producing tens of thousands of cars that it has to honor a factory 60k mile warranty on. Read more