Derry Murbles
Feb 4

That badger should think twice before getting involved in a coyote’s schemes.

Dec 18

Note for Alex to edit, it’s the Heaviside Layer, not heavenside. It’s formally called the Kennelly-Heaviside Layer and is an actual atmospheric stratification known for its high concentration of charged particles... “anions,” and of course, “cations!”

Nov 11

Wall-mounted herb gardens, guaranteed to fall off the wall and leave dirt everywhere if not properly anchored

Nov 11

A bunch of introductory materials to Herbalife since venture capital is basically MLM for people with access to capital.

Nov 11

As an anonymous deadspinner told me, AJ vs Spanfeller should have been the final because it’s the internal struggle of every commenter between being literal vs replaying the same meme for the 10,000th time

Nov 8

the next article on frobes dot com: “Democratic Front-Runner Pete Buttgeg Proposes Groundbreaking Reverse Wealth Tax”