4/22/21 4:43AM

Very stable genius. Losing his livelihood over hatred and a whole 25 of dollars.

4/22/21 12:57AM

“Sorry Bill, you know those dang do-gooders just won’t give up. We gotta let ya go. On the bright side, I hear Jeff in the county next door is lookin fer a new deputy! See you at ther Klan meetin’ tonight.

1/28/21 10:30AM

Seriously.  Not even subtle about it. Only the smartest men in the room are allowed to crash Wall Street and cause losses!

12/03/20 7:51PM

I hate to say it, but that’s exactly the first thing I thought, too. If it had been a little white girl, would there have been so much anger?

12/03/20 5:40PM

Seriously, this has ruined your season? A revision to a goddamned commercial? This is a major part of your holiday? GET A LIFE! Read more

11/07/20 1:13PM

Not to be a bummer but shithead can still do a lot of damage and when he is removed, his mess will be a lot to fix. Read more

11/07/20 12:46PM

Here that? That’s the sound of a hundred prosecutors across the country finalizing indictments. God I hope they have to perp walk his ass out the White House. Melania in her bathrobe trying to talk to errybody’s manager.

9/18/20 8:03PM

I am just going to say this but she should have retired in 2014 when the Dems still held the Senate and she knew she had end stage pancreatic cancer. She was an icon but that doesn’t mean she didn’t fuck us totally by not stepping down. 

9/10/20 9:44PM

It’s not that it’s news, it’s that someone took the time to actually research it and prove it to be true. Read more

9/06/20 4:34PM

That’s what mind boggling, they often threw themselves under the bus, at risk of destroying their career or doing prison time. Herman Cain risked and lost his LIFE to make this buffoon look better.

9/06/20 12:44PM

many complicit actors in Donald Trump’s reign of horror keep trotting out with tell-all books to further profit Read more

9/04/20 1:24PM

Americans are more disconnected from how their food actually gets made than any other people in the history of the world.

9/04/20 11:36AM

Have these people... never made lemonade? From scratch? Because lemon water is great, but it ain’t lemonade. Who are these fools?