Denver is too damn high
Jun 22

That’s fast. A one month notice. Mixer at least seemed to have been picking up a little steam the last few months. But who the hell watches Facebook gaming? It’s not even easy to find. It’s so mired in the existing Facebook architecture that it’s confusing to tell if what your viewing is FB gaming or some other FB Read more

Jun 7

At this point I’m neither surprised nor do I care if Darwin takes out these gormless pillocks 

Feb 29

I am so old I remember when going to plastic bags were going to save the Earth and paper bags were evil because of deforestation. I guess they finally figured out that trees could be farmed and regrown.

Feb 29

Oh god my mother was complaining about this, right between how millennials don’t want to work and have everything handed to them and how she now has to pay $5 for parking at one of the beaches in CT.  Then she went on a rant about how it’s all a big scam, especially by how food in the grocery store keeps getting more Read more

Feb 28

I’m getting a David Bowie vibe from Milla Jovovich :)

Jan 22

I was just about to order one, but then I remembered there’s no reason at all I need to spend that much money on a goddamned phone.

Jan 17

I was never a regular reader of Jalopnik, so I can’t say thanks like others might be able to, but this is one of the best pieces I’ve ever read from any Gawker Media writer about what it was like to work at any of those exceptional sites when they were all exceptional. So, thanks for this, and congratulations because Read more

Dec 16

Weird. The article doesn’t say that the bird went extinct due to climate change. In fact, the article mentions anthropogenic climate change as a cause of extinction only for four species. Read more