Denice Brown
4/22/17 8:49PM

I was a 28 weeker back in the 80s when babies that premature rarely survived and even more rarely survived without lifelong difficulties. My parents were told to expect the worst. I had some health issues as a kid, but today, I am the holder of two bachelors and a masters degree, work in a field I love, have travelled Read more

4/22/17 8:15PM

I gave birth last Saturday, when I was only 25 weeks along, because my high blood pressure turned into preeclampsia and then HELLP syndrome in a matter of days. Original plan was to keep me at the hospital for as many weeks as possible before delivery, but my labs turned bad and then worse and doctors think I would

3/25/17 6:53PM

Has anyone else with motor neuron disease lived this long I wonder.

3/25/17 3:31PM

Stephen Hawking is 75 years old. At age 21, he was told he had about two years to live. No point to this except that every time I see his name I remember how old he is and think “man that guy is tenacious.”

3/18/17 8:19PM

Make time for each other. My husband and I work very different schedules and we work a lot. So when we see each other, phones off, unplugged, all the attention is on each other. Even if that means just an hour (of sexy time lolz). We also never go to bed angry. That’s a rule. If we are arguing, it’s gotta be hashed Read more

3/18/17 8:18PM

I told parents, siblings and my best friend at 8 weeks and then waited until I was 13 or so along for most others... We never “announced”. But really, it’s up to you! Do what you feel comfortable with.

3/18/17 8:11PM

Following :) I get married in six weeks... although fiance and I have been together for eight years so I’m thinking (hoping) that nothing really changes.

3/18/17 8:03PM

Hello lovely people of Jez. In the spirit of keeping you guys posted, I underwent a breast tomosynthesis and ultrasound this week and the doctor said “I don’t see anything I worry about here”. One of the areas of interest is a cyst and the other is a clump of breast tissue. I was advised to schedule a genetic risk

3/03/17 5:04PM

Seriously, if this guy has billions, he can afford a tailor. His suits are always ill-fitting. I am an IT pro, don’t make anywhere near DT amounts of money, and my damn suit was still tailored to fit me.

2/18/17 7:40PM

Maybe the next letter from your alma mater begging you to donate so the football team can have colored lights in their showers or whatever shit.

2/07/17 9:09PM

By putting her back on the air all they are doing is validating alternative facts. They should blacklist her if she lacks credibility. I believe the colloquialism is, “Don’t feed the troll.”

11/27/14 10:10PM

Say what you will about his sense of humor, his writing, the quality of his shows and movies, and so on, the two things without a doubt Seth MacFarlane is good at is voice work and singing. Read more

11/27/14 9:13PM

He's always had an amazing singing voice. I always look forward to the musical episodes.