Aug 7 2019

Oh so we should just buy the game with no knowledge of how bad it might be?  Brb, going to buy Batman Arkham Knight on PC 

May 13 2019

Um, sorry, but what? “Sudden turn”? The only reason it seems sudden is because D&D decided to rush these past two seasons but they have been building to this for a very long time. She was initially talked down from burning the Red Keep, before assisting everyone in the North. She’s progressively lost everything dear Read more

Mar 13 2019

Very much this. When I got back into magic a few years ago I played casually with a small group of people and then we decided we wanted to do Friday Night Magic (FNM) at a Local Game Store (LGS). FNM are the lowest level of competitive play, a cross between babies first tournament and your friends chilling and playing Read more

Mar 13 2019

A lot of it also comes down to local communities and Local Game Stores. They need to start policing bad behavior, inappropiate comments and slang terms that make non-white, non-male individuals stay away more often than not.

I run events weekly and I have had to remove a number of players for using the term “F*ggot” Read more

Mar 5 2019

Let them have it then, because I would love to play that.

Feb 24 2016

Meaning... what? It’s not ready for release? But he would have released it anyway if enough people had been crazy enough to put their cash up front in the hope that it’s a quality game? Read more

Feb 2 2016

sounds like someone has old man syndrome, I dont like it because its not what im used to. is it gimmicky? probably. I fail to see how this is a nightmare, OH NO, PEOPLE CAN WATCH FOOTBALL ON THEIR TABLE, ITS SO TERRIBLE!!! WHERE DID THE WORLD GO WRONG?

Feb 1 2016

My favorite thing about this game is that when you reach an unwinnable state, it displays a big banner reading “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.”

Apr 16 2015

This dessert planet is located in the Creme Brulee system.

Apr 16 2015

So surreal to see something you thought you’d never see in your lifetime.

Mar 17 2015

Don't get me wrong, TAS is wonderful, but I felt Batman Begins was a fairly coherent movie that had a fairly well written narrative. There's crooked cops, the mob, deranged folks all about and Bats is the one to stop them in our modern day world. Read more