Apr 6 2014

Well that's not a very nice thing to say.

Apr 2 2014

I think remaking Blackadder would be a legitimate reason to go to war.

Jan 22 2014

Well, OK that is cool. But seriously, when you post a comment to an article it serves as a direct reply to the author. You basically just said "FUCK YOU" to me. :(

Jan 22 2014

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh When did I say I say I wasn't offended by that mess that was the editor sitting on black woman chair??? Seriously? WTF is going on in these comments lately.

Jan 6 2014

I would say that's a fairly glib response from someone who hasn't studied either the treatment of free-range animals or the long-term effects of child molestation, and it does nothing to dissuade me from believing that someone who would say such a thing is far more interested in creating melodrama than in swaying Read more

Jan 6 2014

I was gonna say Maya is a better writer than Cat Marnell.

Jan 6 2014

But it is possible to do free-range, humane farming. It really isn't possible to humanely molest a child. Read more

Jan 3 2014

This picture was taken just moments before a twirling farmhouse tragically landed on Ms. Swift.

Jan 3 2014

No, but whatever it was that did kill them would not have done so had they not been going over 100mph on a residential street. Read more

Jan 3 2014

Dear everyone losing their minds on this article: fuck you. Short jokes are still funny. I will continue to make short jokes. "Heightism" is not a thing. Eat a big old smelly dick.

PS. Do you think if the two of them had a kid, it would produce the Littlest Who in Whoville?
PPS. So, is Bruno Mars Mattel's attempt to Read more

Dec 4 2013

Your reasonable attitude and lack of willingness to make a snap judgement are completely ridiculous here. You can't just wait til you actually see her perform and then decide!!!

Dec 4 2013

Please, give us a quick definition of "girl" versus "woman". Is she not a woman because....???