Delonte, Interrupted
3:43 PM

Don’t feel like mine aged well either, but it doesn’t get much use these days anyway. Enjoyed the writeup though, and godspeed.

10:32 PM

Really sad to see him having to run screaming halfway across the court like this nowadays. 10 years ago, Kobe could bypass an entire court without having to say much of anything at all.

10:54 AM

Come on now. Napster was a really complicated and problematic issue. It would've been shut down eventually no matter what. But for whatever reason, it's the members of Metallica always getting thrown under the bus.

3:02 PM

I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that both Hunter and Fisher consider themselves to be more important than the game.

9:00 PM

Martinez then added, fighting back tears, that "the mere fact that he was in the same place at the same time as those who committed crimes does not mean Britt should be viewed as guilty himself. So, Kenny hasn't fielded any questions? Well, failing to field will not and should not count against him in any way."

12:29 PM

Exactly. I like both these teams and am legitimately interested in this series, but I can't handle McCarver beyond about 3 innings. When they dedicated what felt like half of Game 2 to the concept that Sergio Romo is an incredibly compelling character for the fact that he makes funny faces when the camera's on him, I Read more

9:21 PM

Clearly we'd all rather be watching a generic interview with the Giants' closer in the bullpen on a headset than, you know, a half-inning of a World Series game. Keep up the good work, FOX.

10:19 PM

So an intentionally stupid joke and 2 misspelled words constitutes shitting the bed on an entire postseason of national television coverage? That's one post over here, and I don't typically complain. Would you prefer more Buck and McCarver? Darling and Smoltz are easily the least terrible baseball announcers in years. Read more

8:07 PM

Sure is a shame the Nationals don't have a killer pitching phenomenon just lying around somewhere to use for the playoffs. Oh well, it's super duper easy to make the MLB Playoffs every year, so I'm sure nothing at all will go wrong before they get another shot with some hypothetical killer pitching phenomenon. Things Read more

7:28 PM

@DougFister: Dude, how many times do I have to tell @MikeVick I just don't wanna hang out?

4:17 PM

Fresh off a busy few years of managing Ben Affleck's career, offering economic advice to the Greek government, running damage control for the Romney campaign and orchestrating the collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed, the Saints defense has shown up today to play some FOOTBALL.

1:50 PM

Asked where he got the idea to send Rhymes down to the bullpen, Maddon replied that he'd been watching a lot Ice Cube's recent film work.

10:14 PM

Of all the reasons I'd have expected Kevin Garnett to get a technical foul tonight, politely tossing the ball to the ref after a made shot to save him a few steps was nowhere near the list. Is that really a rule? Don't they do that like 20 times per game?